Glittery Knit Sweater

It’s officially the holiday season and while everyone has their Christmas decorations out, I am pulling out all things sequin, sparkle and glitter! I love the holiday season because this is the best time of the year when I can wear all things sparkle without being judged, LOL. I own waaaaay too much sequin, embellished, glitter and sparkly clothes but that ain’t stopping me from purchasing more. So, here is this wonderful vintage (of course) glittery knit sweater I purchased at Goodwill, that I fell in love with and it was only $4.00!

Outfit Details

As mentioned above, I purchased this vintage glittery sweater at Goodwill and only knew this would be one of my favorite pieces this season. Although it is vintage, this sweater is definitely one of those pieces that never goes out of style and I am very thankful for that because I saved myself a few bucks since H&M has several versions of this sweater for 10x the cost of what I paid. The sweater is cuffed at the sleeves and it features four beautiful buttons and trimmed with black fabric. The detailing on the sweater is what absolutely sold me. I wanted to wear this sweater to work, so I threw on my J.Crew Wool trousers, my black Steve Madden Lace-up heels and my black handbag. I added a red lip to finish this look, just to add a little bit of oomph to this whole look.

Sweater: Vintage Liz Claiborne, purchased at Goodwill $4.00 / J.Crew Wool Mini Pants, $5.00 / Shoes: Steve Madden Lace-up heels / Bag: Bally, Purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Outfit total: $13.00


J.Crew Minnie Wool Pants, Similar here

IMG_2650 (1)

Earrings, purchased on Ebay

IMG_2638 (1)






Steve Madden Lace-up Heels, similar here



Liz Claiborne Vintage Glitter Sweater, similar here and here

IMG_2642 (1)

IMG_2634 (1).jpg

The Floral Embroidery Jeans

We just got back from vacation and I am happy to be back in Charlotte. I miss Miami dearly but there is something to be said about sleeping in your own bed and being in the comfort of home. I had lots of fun and honestly, I don’t have any pictures for the blog but I promise next trip, I’ll have some. There are some pictures on my instagram, check them out!

Outfit Details

I grew up wearing embroidery clothing, from tops, to jeans, jackets, etc. you name it. I wanted a pair of embroidery jeans but I wanted a muted color for winter. I am in search for the perfect colorful pair. I wore this very pretty bell sleeve sweater top and since it was an extremely cold morning (for me anyway), I threw on a wool scarf and a faux-leather jacket. I finished this look with a white metal vintage bag and silver heels

Jeans: Celebrity Pink Jeans: $20.00 / Top: Few Moda New York:$20.00 / Jacket: Sophie Max Faux-leather Jacket: $5.00 / Shoes: Rock & Republic, $20.00 / Bag: Vintage, purchased at Goodwill: $2.00 / Scarf: Madewell, purchased at Goodwill: 2.00 / Outfit totally: $69.00



Few Moda Sweater, similar here



Rock and Republic silver heels, similar here



Madewell Plaid Scarf, similar here


Celebrity Pink Embroidery Jeans, similar here


Sophie Max Grey Faux Leather Jacket, similar here




Vintage White Metal Mesh Purse, similar here

Faux Fur Leopard Coat + Fringe Hem Jeans

The coveted leopard coat is brought to you by one of my ALL-TIME favorite Goodwill finds. I am obsessed with leopard print, so much so my husband has asked to stop buying the print so much, LOL. I have not purchased the print too much lately but I do have to remind myself often, “I have this print already.”

Outfit Details

This outfit was inspired by the “cool girl”, laid-back look. I knew I wanted to finally dust this coat out of the closet so my outfit revolved around the coat. Since I wanted something casual, I wore a long sleeve bodysuit and these pretty hem-fringe jeans. Since I did not want it to look too casual, I wore these studded Steve Madden heels, my black quilted vintage bag and my super cool “snake” necklace.

Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden / Bodysuit: Gap, (sale) $20.00 / Jeans: Hidden Jeans, $30.00 / Coat: Alfani Faux Leopard, $15.00 / Bag: Vintage, $2.00 / Necklace: Ebay, $5.00 / Outfit total: $72.00



Alfani Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat, similar here


Gap Bodysuit, similar here


Vintage Clutch, similar here


Hidden Jeans, similar here



Steven by Steve Madden Heels, similar here



Belted Oversized Duster Coat

Is it really fall without houndstooth? I feel like during this season you must wear houndstooth at least once. Once fall arrives we all pull the flannel shirts, plaid plants and wool. However, houndstooth along with tweed are those classic pieces that we old off for those holiday parties and holiday portraits. Personally, I love tweed and houndstooth alike but I love to reserve those prints for more formal or special occasions.

Outfit Details

I sometimes walk into my closet and I know exactly what I am going to wear. But then there are times when I just stand in the middle of my closet with a blank stare. Those are my “stylist block” moments because I know that I have more than enough clothes it’s just that I don’t know WHAT I want to wear. I noticed this pretty little top glimmering in my dark closet at a time when I had “stylist block.” As soon as I pulled it out of the hanger, I knew exactly what I was going to wear it with. Despite the fact that this is a vintage shirt, I love that it is still wearable and the pointed collar pays homage to its age. I wore my faux-leather trim pencil skirt, black stilettos and my current favorite, black oversized duster coat. I am in absolute love with this YEOHLEE duster coat that I purchased at a local thrift store for $5.00 (half off sale!) I sometimes amaze myself at my luck! I finished off my duster coat with an oversized bow belt from H&M that I also purchased at a thrift store. I kept accessories at a minimum by wearing bold red lips, my go to Furla handbag and a pair of pearl earrings.

Top: Vintage Notations Silk Houndstooth Blouse, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Skirt: Jones New York, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Coat: Yeohlee Duster Coat, Purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 / Belt: H&M Bow Belt, purchased at Goodwill: $1.00 / Outfit total: $14.00




Furla Handbag and Steve Madden Shoes



H&M Oversized Bow Belt, similar here


Yeohlee New York Oversized Duster Coat, similar here



Jones New York Black Faux-trim Pencil Skirt, similar here



Vintage Notations Silk Blouse, similar here



Fur Coat & Pearl Jeans = Cool Girl

This was one of those bitter cold days where my body just shuts down. I was upset at my fauxtographer a.k.a husband. I can’t recall what I was mad about but lets just say the first ten photos of this shoot, I look pissed. Somewhere along this shoot I realized these were going up on my blog so I adjusted my face. I’m not a “smiler” at all so forcing myself to smile when I’m pissed adds another layer of difficulty for me. I’ll talk about my smile v. “serious” face on another post.

Outfit Details

I wore this outfit to a cancer awareness event, “Think Pink” on a much warmer fall day. It was a wonderful event hosted by a friend of mine where she donated some of her custom hair wigs to another friend of ours, that’s a cancer survivor. It was a wonderful event and our friend was brought to tears because of the generosity of the hostess.

I knew I wanted to wear these jeans because the event was on a Saturday night and these jeans are the perfect mixture of classy and casual. In order to keep this look from looking too casual I added this beautiful butter silk top from Theory. The color is a pearl white but it does remind me of butter ( and it felt like butter). I wore my silver diamond studded ankle strap heels. I threw on this pretty fur coat I purchased at Goodwill and a vintage clutch.

Coat: Vintage Paris Blues Fur Coat, purchased at Goodwill: $7.99 / Jeans: Midnight Muse $40.00 / Top: Theory, Purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 /  Shoes: Zigi Soho: $25.00 / Clutch: Vintage No brand available: $2.00 / Outfit total: $78.99



Midnight Muse Pearl Jeans, Available here



Vintage Paris Blues Fur Coat, similar here




Theory Blouse, similar here


Zigi Soho Ankle Straps, similar here


One of the super MAD photos.




Frill Hem Pants + Bubble Sleeve Top

I’m super excited it’s Friday because that means I’ll be home next week and I’m hosting Friendsgiving at my place this Saturday night!

Outfit Details

It’s obvious that I have a major crush on all things frill hem pants (see previous post). I love the movement and flare of these pants! I decided to wear my thrifted Malene Birger blouse, that I purchased for $3.50 at my local thrift store. Yes, I am very proud of this purchase, lol. Since the pants can shrink my small frame, I wore them with my Steve Madden stilettos and my vintage lambskin gold link bag. I added a bold red lip and cat eye sunnies to finish my look.

Pants: BLANKNYC, $20.00 / Top: Malene Birger, Purchased at Value Village: $3.50 / Shoes: Steve Madden, Clearance Sale:$35.00 / Bag: Vintage Lambskin Gold Link, purchased at Value Village: $4.00 / Outfit total: $62.50




Vintage Black Lambskin Purse, similar here


Steve Madden Black Stilettos, available here



Malene Birger Blouse, similar here and here



BLANKNYC Frill Hem Pants, similar here


The Frill Flare Hem Jeans & The Floral Booties

I love a good pair of bell bottom jeans and when I came across these frill flare hem jeans, I was SOLD. I was a bit nervous about these slightly because all I could think of was, are they going to shrink me. However, once I tried them on and envisioned them with booties and heels, it was a done deal.

Outfit Details

I have been obsessed with floral booties lately and I had to talk myself out of buying at least 3 more pairs. They are just so pretty to look at! I wore these pretty little booties with my frill flare jeans, yet another vintage sweater 😉 and my hot pink moto jacket. The vintage sweater is just pretty to look at with its sequin and embellished detailing. I must add that it is a very warm and cozy sweater. The Moto jacket is actually an old purchase from Goodwill ( purchased back home) and I love the gold buttons with the HOT pink color. Accessorized with my black bucket Coach handbag.

Shoes: Urbanog, $22.36 / Sweater: Vintage, purchased at Goodwill $4.00 / Jacket: The Limited, Purchased at Goodwill: $6.00 / Jeans: BlankNYC, Purchased at TJMAXX: Clearance Sale: $20.00 /  Outfit total: $52.36



Vintage Beaded Sweater, similar here and here



BLANKNYC Ruffle Flare Hem Jeans, similar here



The Limited Hot Pink Moto Jacket, similar here



Coach Drawstring Bucket Bag (old), similar here


Bamboo Suede Floral Accent Chunky Heeled Booties, available here



Don’t mind the awkward smile, I was really cold!

Cold Shoulder Fur Sweater

Outfit Details

Off/Cold shoulder sweater tops might not be the brightest idea on a very cold fall day but it sure does look good. I wore this top on a perfectly cool fall day. Not too hot not too cold. To keep things as simple as possible, I threw on a pair of gray jeans and matching blush heels. I added a pair of dangle earrings and a rose lip. Just a simple and easy outfit perfect for a brunch or an afternoon coffee shop catch-up chat.

s/n: We drove around the city trying to find the perfect yellow tree with the perfect amount of leaves on the ground. I am obsessed with fall!

Top: Willi Smith Cold Shoulder fur top, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Jeans: J.Crew, $40.00 / Shoes: Schutz, Purchased at Goodwill:$10.00 / Dangle Earrings, eBay, $1.19 / Outfit total: $55.19.



Schutz Blush Heels, similar here


Willi Smith Pink Cold Shoulder Top, similar here and here



J. Crew Skinny Grey Jeans, similar here


Dangle earnings, available here


Chunky Knit Sweater & Pencil Skirt = Work Wear

I thought jacquard damask pencil skirts would be much easier to find than it actually was. I had the hardest time finding a pretty jacquard, damask or baroque pencil skirt. Ann Taylor has a pretty floral skirt that is actually prettier than the one I am wearing here AND its 40% off right now!

Outfit Details

This was actually a work outfit, so file this under ‘work wear.” This is the perfect early fall to spring outfit. The skirt has the perfect amount of material and paneling to keep warm and there’s something to be said about thick knit sweaters. They make any outfit seem cozy and comfortable. I did wear a pretty pearl white shirt underneath but I gotta be honest, I never took my sweater off. I added my gold studded heels and vintage clutch for that extra sparkle.

Shoes: Steve Madden Galactik Heels, $130.00 / Top: Vince Camuto, Purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Skirt: Old Navy Jacquard Pencil Skirt, Purchased at Goodwill, $4.00 / Sweater: Andrea Jovine AJ Wool Sweater, Purchased at Goodwill: $4.00/ Clutch: Vintage $3.00 / Outfit Total: $140.00





Old Navy Jacquard Pencil Skirt, similar here



Steve Madden Galactik Heels, similar here


Chunky Knit Sweater, similar here


Vintage Clutch



Vince Camuto Blouse, similar here

Vintage Sweater + Leather Duster

It should come at no surprise that I am again wearing another vintage sweater, but I love vintage sweaters. Ok, I love vintage anything pretty much, lol. I know recreating looks that have vintage pieces can be challenging but I actually found several similar sweaters to mine. While I did not find an exact replica of the sweater I am wearing, I did find several beautiful options; see my top three below.

Outfit Details

This outfit was all about comfort because it really has been cold here. I decided to spruce up my black wool pants by adding this fun vintage sweater, the leopard stilettos to add contrast to the outfit and the leather coat. I’ve had this leather coat for a long time and I am now just getting around to wearing it because I actually can. I did not intend to wear the leather coat but it was too cold outside to only wear the sweater. I’m glad I threw it on because it made me look like a total bad ass. The bag I’m wearing is a wool and I love how the gray and brown added that final touch to this outfit.

Coat: Vintage Esprit Leather Coat, Purchased Goodwill: $8.00 / Pants: J. Crew Wool Minnie Pant, Purchased Goodwill: $4.00 / Sweater: Vintage Sweater, Purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Shoes: Steve Madden, $129.00 / Bag: Hobo International, Purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Outfit Total: $149.00




J. Crew Minnie Pant bi-stretch wool, similar here


Steve Madden Leopard Pony hair Ankle Strap Heels, similar here


Esprit Leather Coat, Similar here


Hobo International Wool Messenger Bag, similar here