Plaid Blazer & Velvet Booties = Winter Uniform

Outfit Details

So I thought finding a colorful plaid blazer online was going to be super easy because you know, it’s the holiday season and all, but nope. All the blazers online right now are usually grey/black/brown/taupe but not the super cliché “Christmas-y” blazer that I was looking for. Thank God for Goodwill because that is exactly where I got mine from. I must admit though, Forever 21 came through with the colorful options but they only had one I actually liked. However, I did find a very similar one here. This is my go-to casual Friday looks when I am feeling super lazy. There is something to be said about blazers and denims to make anyone look put together on casual Fridays. Winter has finally arrived in Charlotte so instead of wearing heels, I wore a cashmere top, I opted for the velvet booties, gloves (yes, it’s like 20-something degrees out there) and a purple handbag. I also wore my MaxMara Icon 10108 coat not featured here (but featured here) because it was that cold.

Jeans: Gap, purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 /  Top: Banana Republic Cashmere Sweater, purchased at Goodwill, $4.00 / Blazer: Talbots, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Booties: Shoedazzle / Purse: Kirna Zabête x Target / Gloves: Fownes Black Leather Gloves, purchased at Goodwill BNWT: $2.00 / Outfit total: $15.00




Talbots Balzer, similar here




Shoedazzle Velvet Booties, similar here




Kirna Zabête x Target purse, similar here and  Fownes Leather Gloves, available here 



Banana Republic Cashmere Sweater, similar here


The Band Jacket & The OTK Lace Up Boots

Is this the military jacket? Is it the officer’s jacket? Or the band jacket? Or captain’s jacket? I’ve seen this jacket called so many things that I don’t know what to call it but I’ll stick with band jacket since that is what came to mind, second to military jacket. These jackets have been everywhere and for good reason. They have such an edgy feel to them  and they will make anyone feel like a bad ass. I was actually fortunate enough to have found this (BNWT) one this weekend during my usual Goodwill “run”. This is actually a good thing because I was convincing myself into purchasing the Gap’s cropped band jacket. However, there was no way I was going to pay full retail for it; thank goodness for a little bit of luck and Goodwill.

Outfit Details

So automatically when I think of military/officer/band jacket I think of pairing it with boots. I didn’t want any ordinary boots because I’m no ordinary girl (flips hair lol) so I pulled out the OTK lace up boots from the artillery. Of course, I didn’t want this outfit to look like I actually belonged to a band or an army so I wore it with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and my floppy fedora hat for an extra bit of flare. I did wear my fishnet socks with these boots because I wanted toe coverage (lacking a pedicure),  a matching gray lip and my black Furla satchel to complete this look.

Side Note: My husband said I looked like The Undertaker lol!

Blazer: The Loft, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Jeans: H&M $12.00 / Boots: Urban Original $30.00 / Bag: Furla, purchased on postmark: $60.00 / Hat: No Brand, Wool Floppy Fedora Hat: $2.00 /  Outfit total: $108.00





Urban Original Over the Knee Lace Up Boots, available here




Wool Floppy Hat, similar here


Out from under Wide Fishnet Crew Sock, available here




The Loft Band Jacket, similar available here



Furla Satchel, similar here



Victoria Beckham x Target Fuchsia Pants + Tweed Jacket

This is the second time I feature these pants for the blog and I am shooting for three so that I may feature them on my THREEMIX segment. I try to get the most out of purchases and I like to wear them at least three times and styled differently. I will admit, these pants are not the best quality and I think the next time I wear them, I will be retiring them. The inner thigh fabric is beginning to wear out and that is not a good look. This is a bit disappointing considering the pants are not even a year old and have only been worn a handful of times.

Outfit Details

Considering we are running on the Christmas high, I wanted one last outfit to celebrate the ending of the season with lots of vibrant colors. Usually when you think of winter, you don’t think pink, green and blue unless you’re decorating your Christmas tree. However, I LOVE color and wearing dark colors all season long are a bit of a bore to me. Once I pulled this blazer out of my closet, I knew that I wanted this outfit to be a complete standout from the sea of dark shades. That is why I decided to wear the Victoria Beckham x Target Fuchsia pants with my metallic blue heels that perfectly matched the blazer. In order to avoid a color clash I kept my accessories “matchy matchy” by wearing my brand spanking used, newly thrifted Kate Spade quilted purse and a pair of fuchsia bedazzling earrings.

Side Note: Finding a similar jacket at an affordable price was nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

Pants: Victoria Beckham x Target Collaboriation, $35.00 / Blazer: No Brand, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Shoes: Rock & Republic, $15.00 / Purse: Kate Spade Quilted Handbag, purchased at Goodwill: $9.00 / Outfit total: $63.00





Victoria Beckham x Target Fuchsia Pants, available on Ebay


Pink Bedazzled Earrings, available here



Vintage No Brand Jacket, similar here



Kate Spade Quilted Purse, similar here



Rock & Republic Metallic Blue Heels, similar here


Cable Knit Turtleneck + Knit Skater Skirt

Outfit Details

This is one of those simple outfits I put together when I have to run out the door. It’s a nice casual look that makes it seem as if I put in a lot of effort when in reality I didn’t even try. I purchased this Gap skirt a few years back and it was still hanging in my closet with the tags on, shhh, don’t tell my husband. I bought this back when “skater/circle” skirts were all the rave and the Gap made one for their fall collection. I love these skirts because they have a youthful feel to them. The material and color makes it versatile enough for anyone in my age group to pull off. Since I am on the smaller scale, I tucked my sweater in and wore a pair of high heeled booties. I layered the look with a faux-leather moto jacket, a pair of black leggings and in order to tame the mane I wore a wool floppy fedora.

Skirt: Gap / Turtleneck: Talbots, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Jacket: Mine Faux-Leather Moto Jacket, purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 / Shoes: Vince Camuto / Bag: Furla Satchel, purchased on Poshmark, $60.00 / Hat: NO brand Floppy Fedora Hat, purchased at Goodwill: $2.00 / Outfit total: $72.00


Talbots Turtleneck, similar here


Vince Camuto, similar here


Gap cable Knit circle skirt, similar here


Mine Faux-Leather Moto Jacket, similar here


Furla Satchel Bag, similar here


Wool Floppy Fedora, similar here



Velvet Suit + Lace Bodysuit

If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! I am currently lying in bed, binge listening to my favorite podcast, Small Town Murder drinking hot chocolate. I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas and if you’re like my family and celebrate Christmas Eve, also known as Noche Buena, Merry Christmas and Happy Recovery day 🙂 . On my last blog post, I mentioned that I was in search for the perfect pair of velvet trousers. I found those velvet trousers this weekend at Goodwill. I now have the perfect velvet suit under $10.00!

Outfit Details

I had been wanting a velvet suit since the Altuzarra for Target collection, released in 2014, which I was unable to purchase because it sold out.  Since then, I had looked around for something similar and once I realized how expensive velvet suits are, I decided to purchase the pieces separately. I figured this was going to be a bit difficult because there are different types of velvet fabrics. I purchased the blazer first at my local Goodwill and after trying on several velvet trousers found the perfect pair at Goodwill as well. The blazer and the trousers were both $4.00 each ( insert sunglass emoji). Once I had my matching pieces together, I knew I wanted a sexy and sophisticated look. The two pieces of fabrics that evoke sexy and sophistication when paired together is lace and velvet. While lace can definitely be described as innocent and sweet, once it’s paired with velvet, it takes on a whole different meaning. Its like drinking a blooming champagne cocktail on cool summer night. I wanted this outfit to be all about the velvet suit and lace bodysuit to I kept the accessories to a bare minimum. I wore a pair of Steve Madden velvet snake print heels because snake print and hot pink are sexy, a long gold rope necklace and pink lip to match.

Blazer: Arden B Velvet Blazer, Purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Trousers: Talbots, Purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Shoes: Steve Madden Snake Print Ankle Straps / Bodysuit: Natori $4.00 / Outfit total: $12.00




Arden B Blazer, similar here



Vintage Quilted Clutch, similar here


Talbot Velvet Trousers, similar here




Steve Madden Snake Print Ankle Strap Heels, similar here




Natori Bodysuit, similar here and in RED here


Velvet Leggings + Sequin Tops

In continuance of my “Holiday Mini-Series”, this is look number four. For this look, I am featuring velvet and sequins.

Outfit Details

Velvet is like the champagne of the holiday season; it’s luxurious, elegant, timeless and always expected during the season. I’ve purchased a few velvet pieces here and there and I am currently in search for the perfect pair of velvet trousers. The ones that I’m wearing on this blog post are actually leggings and that is why they look great with this sequins top. I purchased the top at Goodwill and I absolutely love the detailing of the top. I was drawn to this top because it’s very chic and very well made. I like that I can wear this top with pretty much anything; trousers, jeans, skirts etc. I wanted an all-black look so I wore my Steve Madden Stilettos, a black glitter clutch and my faux-fur coat to finish this look.

Top: Vintage, Leo Narducci Ambiance, purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 / Pants: Hue $5.00 / Shoes: Steve Madden: $35.00 / Faux-Fur Coat: Alfani, purchased at Goodwill: $15.00 / Clutch: Vintage Glitter Clutch, purchased at Goodwill: $2.00 /  Outfit total: $62.00





Leo Narducci Ambiance, similar here


Alfani Faux-Fur Coat, similar here






Vintage Glitter Clutch, similar here



Hue Velvet Leggings, similar here



Fur Coat + Embellished Top

This is outfit number three of my mini-series: Holiday Outfits. I am actually excited about this outfit because everything was purchased at Goodwill except the clutch.

Outfit Details

As I’ve mentioned before, I love anything sparkly: sequin, embellishments, glitter etc., I am THE person that purchases every single piece of vintage-embellished dresses at the thrift store because why not? I saw this top glittering across store from the corner of my eye and I ran to it before someone else snagged it from me. I knew this was a special piece but I didn’t know HOW special it was until I saw the tag, this is a VINCE top. I had been wanting a pair of silk pants and I immediately knew that I wanted to wear this top with silk pants.  The shirt has glass embellishments with gold sequins and I really wanted more of the gold to stand out in this out so I wore a pair of clear chunky heel ankle straps and a loctite clutch to match with the heel. Of course, since it’s cold outside, I finished this look with my fur coat.

Fur Coat: Pairs Blues, purchased at Goodwill: $8.00 /  Blouse: Vince, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Pants: Ann Taylor Ankle Silk Pants, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Shoes: Dollhouse, purchased at Goodwill: $8.00 / Clutch: Vince Camuto $40.00 / Total: $64.00



Vince Embellished Top, similar here


Dollhouse. similar here




Ann Taylor Silk Ankle Pants, similar here ( not in black though) 


Vince Camuto Clear Clutch, similar here



Paris Blues Fur Coat, similar here



T H R E E M I X: The Wool Trousers

A good pair of black trousers should be a staple in everyone’s closet, both men and women. This is one of the most versatile pieces in your closet because you can wear them pretty much anywhere and they can be dressed up or down. If you happen to live in an area where you have seasonal changes, then you might have to have them in different fabrics, like I do. I have about three different black trousers in different cuts and fabrics you don’t need several. The key is finding the perfect pair that fits well.

I’ve worn these trousers more than three times but here is the three different ways that I’ve worn them on the blog.

Trousers: J. Crew “Minnie” Bi-Stretch Wool Pant (sadly discontinued) but I’ve linked three similar ones on the photo captions below.



J. Crew “Minnie” Bi-Stretch Wool Pants, similar here




J. Crew “Minnie” Bi-Stretch Wool Pants, similar here


J. Crew “Minnie” Bi-Wool Pants, similar here




Tweed Jacket + The Pleated Dress

Yesterday I raved about how much I love Ann Taylor and today I am featuring yet another Ann Taylor favorite. I purchased this tweed blazer from last year’s fall collection but again, this is another timeless piece. I love a well constructed tweed jacket because it adds elegance and chicness to an outfit.

Outfit Details

I wanted to wear this vintage pleated dress I thrifted a few years ago, but I wanted to wear something to make it pop. As a side note, this dress is sheer so I definitely had to wear a slip underneath. While the obvious was to wear a coat or jacket, I wanted a piece that would really make this dress stand out. As I browsed through my closet, I realized that I had yet to wear this tweed sequin jacket this season so I immediately knew that this was the item that was really going to make this dress standout. The jacket has beautiful sequins throughout but the photos did not capture the beautiful detailing. However, the sequins on the jacket really makes it a standout piece. The dress has a nice “gold shimmer” undertone so I decided to pair with my bedazzled Steve Madden heels. I finished this look with a matching red lip and my black vintage eel leather purse.

Dress: Vintage, No Brand, Purchased at Goodwill: $2.50 / Jacket: Ann Taylor, Clearance Sale: $30.00 / Bag: Vintage No Brand, $5.00 /  Shoes: Steve Madden / Outfit total: $37.50


No brand Vintage Dress, similar here


Ann Taylor Tweed Jacket, similar here



Steve Madden Heels, similar here





Vintage No Brand Eel Leather Bag, similar here



Pussy-Bow Top + Houndstooth Midi Skirt

Growing up, I was the kid that copied Avril Lavigne’s skater boy look; the tie with tank top look. Yes, I did that and yes, I got all the stares and not in a good way. Now, I don’t have any regrets but I must say, I am glad I outgrew that. I still like to wear ties and I love to rock an andrognyous outfit from time to time but I most definitely will not be doing  the neck tie and tank top look. I’ve since discovered pussy-bow tops and love the aspect of being able to wear a “tie” without the hassle of having to wear it with a specific shirt. I like to consider pussy-bow tops the more feminine version of the neck tie and collared shirt.

Outfit Details

Ann Taylor and the Loft are probably at the top of my list of favorite stores to shop at. I can always find a versatile piece that I will keep for years to come. This polka dot pussy-bow blouse is one of those key pieces that I purchased from the Loft a few years back. I’ve worn this top a hundred different ways already and I hope to be able to feature those different outfits here. I love to mix patterns and one of my favorite prints to mix is polka dots with basically anything. I decided to mix this polka dot blouse with this beautiful wool houndstooth midi skirt that I purchased at my local thrift store. Considering I am only 5’4 I have to be very careful with midi skirts so that they don’t shrink my already small frame. Instead of wearing ankle strap heels I decided to wear my black Steve Madden pointed heels and a pair of fishnet socks just to spruce this look a little more. The addition of the socks was a little bit daring but I like how the socks pulled this look together.

Side note: Finding a similar affordable version  of the skirt and top online was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be.

Skirt: Vintage Talbots, purchased at Value Village (thrift store) $5.00 / Top: The Loft $25.00 / Shoes: Steve Madden, $35.00 (clearance) / Socks: Urban Outfitters, $5.00 (On Sale) / Bag: Vintage No brand, $5.00 / Outfit total: $75.00



MaxMara 101801 Icon Wool Coat, similar here




The Loft Pussy Bow Blouse, similar here and here



Vintage Tallbots Houndstooth Wool Skirt, similar here and I really like this one


Out From Under Fishnet Pearl Sock, available here on sale NOW



Vintage Eel Leather Bag, here