Red Plaid Coat + Bell Bottom Jeans

Outfit Details

I have been wearing this red coat all week because I just can’t get enough. There is something about this coat that reminds me of the 70’s and so I decided to go full on retro today with this look. I wanted to avoid looking too costume-y so I made sure to keep this look fresh by not wearing polyester and high-waisted jeans. Instead, I opted for a form fitting turtleneck, a pair of Calvin Klein mid rise bell bottom jeans, (purchased BNWT at Goodwill) a pair of leopard platform booties and a drawstring (bucket) purse. Of course, I had to accessorize with one of the most iconic looks of the seventies by wearing the floppy fedora hat! I also wore gloves because it was freezing cold, which explains why I don’t have photos of the top and jeans only; there was no way I was taking the coat off. I did get a little creative with the gloves by accessorizing with a gold plated chain wrapped around my gloves. The bag is actually a splurge purchase I made about 4/5 years ago and it is one of my favorite bags. How do you know its my favorite purse? I rarely wear them, lol. I’m trying to be better about that but I just don’t want to ruin it.

Top: Talbots, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Jeans: Calvin Klein Mid Rise Bell Bottom Jeans, purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 / Coat: Ann Taylor, Sale Price: $80.00 / Purse: Coach / Shoes: Vince Camuto / Gloves: Fownes, purchased at Goodwill: $2.00 / Hat: Wool Floppy Fedora Hat, purchased at Goodwill: $2.00 / Thrift Total: $13.00



Calvin Klein Mid Rise Bell Bottom Jeans, similar here



Coach Drawstring Purse, similar here


Vince Camuto Leopard Booties, similar here



Wool Fedora Floppy Hat, similar here


Ann Taylor Plaid Funnel Neck Coat, available here




Fownes Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves, similar here


Chunky Turtleneck + OTK Boots + Oversized Coat

One of the toughest things about moving to a new city is finding services you normally already have a personal relationship with. For example, it took me MONTHS to find a dry cleaners I loved. I am currently on the toughest search yet, finding a new general practitioner AND a trusted shoe cleaner. My husband pointed out to me that these boots might need a cleaning. I rolled my eyes when he said it because he’s right but I don’t want start the task of finding a trusted shoe cleaner and I don’t want to be away from these boots for too long because they are on my winter rotation!

Outfit Details

This has been one of my go-to sweaters this season and for good reason. It has the perfect amount of fabric, warmth, versatility and the neck has so much fabric I don’t have to use a scarf. I love how I have been able to dress it up and down without it looking like just another sweater. This time, I wore it with a pair of brand new leggings I purchased at Ann Taylor and these are going be a favorite. They have the right amount of elasticity which makes them perfect for the buffet, LOL.  One of my favorite tricks to make me appear taller is by wearing leggings and black OTK boots. This combination instantly elongates my frame making my appear 5’10 – not really but it definitely gives the illusion of longer legs. I kept warm by wearing my MaxMara 101801 Icon black wool cashmere coat, my vintage quilted purse, velvet houndstooth gloves and crochet beanie.

Sweater: H&M Chunky Sweater, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Leggings: Ann Taylor $25.00 / OTK Boots: Steve Madden / Coat: MaxMara 101801 Icon Wool Cashmere Coat, purchased at Goodwill: $8.00 / Clutch: Vintage No Brand, purchased at GW: $2.00 / Gloves: Cejon / Outfit total: $38.00




Cejon Houndstooth Velvet Gloves, available here


H&M Chunky Turtleneck Sweater, similar here



Vintage Quilted Clutch, similar here  and Ann Taylor Scuba Leggings, available here


Crochet Beanie NO brand, similar here




MaxMara 101801 Icon Wool Cashmere Coat, similar here


Red Plaid Coat + Velvet Booties + Sweater Dress

My once a year blow out is here! I usually get a blow out once a year because I like to minimize hair damage. After my blow out, I was finally able to see the highlights I got a few months ago and I must say they look really nice. I’m a natural brunette but I haven’t rocked my natural hair color in a really long time. I let me natural hair color grow in along with my “whitelights” (I’ve been graying since the 4th grade) because I have not been able to decide on a new hair color. I’ve been debating whether I should go back to the honey brown or if I should try something different. For now, I’ll continue to rock this look until I can decide what I want next.

Outfit Details

So I got hooked to the Mindy Project show, mostly because of the fashion on the show; I loved every outfit on the show. To see her most iconic looks, check this blog out; The Mindy Project Style. Anyway, ever since I saw her wear a beautiful Oscar de la Renta Tweed suit; see here, I knew I either wanted a suit like that our at least a plaid coat. I settled for the coat when I saw this one on sale at Ann Taylor. I typically allow myself seasonal splurges and this was definitely one of them. I saw the coat on Christmas Eve and it was at 50% off (original price $269.00) but I decided to wait until there was a price drop and boy did that pay off. The day after Christmas, I happened to go back to the mall and I was able to snag it at $80.00! This was definitely an investment piece as it is absolutely warm and plaid is ALWAYS on trend.

Of course, once I got the coat home, I couldn’t wait to wear it, so here’s my first of many outfits with this coat. I purchased this speckle sweater dress last year BNWT at Goodwill and it’s one of my favorite sweater dresses. It fits my figure nicely and it sits right above the knees which makes it perfect for work. It’s a crew neck dress and the neck sits a bit too low/far from the neck so I wore a peter pan collar blouse underneath in order to cover my chest more. The dress is navy blue so I wore my velvet booties in order to make the dress and coat pop. I accessorized with a peter pan necklace, a faux-fur, faux-leather clutch and a bold purple lip.

Dress: Marc New York Andrew Marc, purchased at Goodwill, $5.00 / Coat: Ann Taylor $80.00 / Boots: Shoedazzle / Clutch: Gap










Plaid Flannel Neck Coat, available here


Marc New York by Andrew Marc similar, here


Shoedazzle Velvet Booties, similar here



Gap Faux Fur Charm Clutch, similar here and Fownes Cashmere lined Leather Gloves, similar here



Oversized Wool Coat + OTK Taupe Boots

This is actually my second outfit of the week that has been fully thrifted, with the exception of the jeans. So that means, this was a super cheap look!

In case you live somewhere sunny or don’t watch the news, then you know the northeast is getting pounded with cold air and snow. Luckily Charlotte has been spared from snow but not from that bitter cold air; so that means, layers. This is an actual representation of what my outfits look like on the weekends. Layers on top of layers, walking around with half of my closet and weighing an additional 10 lbs. I have a very low cold weather tolerance so when I have to run errands on the weekend, I pile on the layers.

Outfit Details

When I layer on clothes, I usually start with very fitting clothes and finish my look with loose or oversized items. I started with a cream turtleneck sweater that is very fitting and a pair of skinny jeans. I then layered on this Piazza Sempione short peacoat I scored at Goodwill for $4.00 , a scarf, warm socks, over-the-knee boots and my oversized wool coat. I normally don’t like to layer this much and usually just stick to sweaters and long overcoats but it was too cold. I did want to mention that the boots for this outfit are actually one of my favorite winter pieces you might be seeing these more on the blog. I purchased these at Goodwill for a mere $4.99, BNWT and they are super warm. T H A N K  Y O U  D O N O R!

Turtleneck: Talbots, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Jeans: Gap / Peacoat: Piazza Sempionepurchased at Goodwill: $5.00Coat: No Brand; Oversized Brown Wool Coat, purchased at Goodwill: $8.00 / Shoes: Steve Madden, purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 / Scarf: No Brand, purchased at Goodwill: $2.00/  Outfit total: $24.00




Vintage No Brand Brown Oversized Coat, similar here



No Brand Scarf, similar here



Steve Madden Bukle Over the Knee Boots, similar here


Piazza Sempione Peacoat, similar here


Plaid Blouse + Herringbone Pants

The outfits that I love the most are those that are 100% thrifted! Why? Because that usually means, I spent under $40.00 for the entire look; except the shoes.

Outfit Details

There’s no secret that I like to mix patterns, so today, I’ve combined plaid and herringbone. The top is actually short sleeve but I decided to layer this top with a long sleeve turtleneck. I paired the top with a pair of Banana Republic herringbone pants I purchased at Goodwill with a pair of black stilettos. I ended up wearing socks with my heels, which was totally unplanned but it was way too cold outside to be walking around without socks. For an extra piece of warmth, I wore my MaxMara 10810 Icon Coat and my black Furla Bag. Ready to work and conquer the day!

Turtlesleeve: Talbots, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Top: Zara Plaid Ruffle Top, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Pants: Banana Republic Herringbone Wool Pants, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Coat: MaxMara Icon 10810 Coat, purchased at Goodwill: $8.00 / Purse: Furla Satchel /Outfit total: $24.00




Furla Satchel, similar here


MaxMara 101801 Icon Coat, similar here


Banana Republic Wool Herringbone Pants, similar here



Zara Plaid Ruffle Blouse, similar here



Steve Madden Black Stilettos, similar here


Puffer Coat + Leather Pants

I use to hate wearing turtlenecks because I could not stand the feeling of excess fabric on my neck. However, I can’t get enough of them now as an adult. They are like a low-key scarf attached to your sweater; at least, that’s how I look at it.

Outfit Details

These leather pants are actually one of my top and favorite thrift store finds. I’ve actually worn them a couple of times but I have to be honest, once it gets too cold, they’re not that warm. I did keep warm with this beautiful olive green merino wool turtle neck that I purchased BNWT from Goodwill. I wanted a more casual look so I kept things simple by wearing a pair of leopard print booties and my gap puffer jacket.

Sweater: Banana Republic Merino Wool Turtleneck, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Leather Pants: Elizabeth & James “Addison” Lambskin Leather Moto Pants, purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 / Shoes: Gap Booties / Jacket: Gap Puffer Jacket / Outfit total: $9.00




Gap ColdControl Lite puffer jacket, available here



Banana Republic Merino Wool Turtleneck, similar here


Elizabeth & James “Addison” Lambskin Leather Moto Pants, similar here



Gap Pony Hair Booties, similar here


Winter Wool Coat: Herringbone Edition

The New Year came terribly cold and with that, all the winter gear had to be pulled. I realize after this shoot that I did not take photos of the dress that I was wearing and that is because it was too cold to do so. I’m sure they’ll be a next time, as I plan on wearing all of my sweater dresses.

Outfit Details

If I had to choose an article of clothing that I could only wear for the rest of my life, that would probably be dresses. I love wearing dresses all year long and I might have way too many in my closet. Today, I am featuring this wonderful houndstooth wool dress that I purchased at Goodwill. I honestly didn’t think this dress was going to be warm enough but it actually is. In order to keep cozy, I wore this beautiful herringbone coat I also purchased at Goodwill, with a plaid wool scarf and my suede OTK boots. I accessorized with a pair of velvet houndstooth gloves and my black Furla satchel. I love how the different fabric patterns blended beautifully creating a clean chic look for work and not one that is too busy for the eye.

Coat: Moda International, purchased at Goodwill: $10.00 / Dress: Worth New York, purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 / Gloves: Cejon / Scarf: No brand / Shoes: Steve Madden / Purse: Furla Satchel purchased on Poshmark / Outfit total: $15.00



Steve Madden Suede Slouch Boots, similar here


Cejon Houndstooth Velvet Gloves, available here



Moda International Herringbone Wool Coat, similar here



No Brand Wool Scarf, similar here



Worth New York Wool Dress, similar here


Floral Booties & Puffer Jacket

Happy New Year! I wish everyone a wonderful, prosperous, healthy + lots of wealth New Year! I stayed home New Year’s Eve because it was unbearably cold outside and I had no interest in freezing. Now that the New Year is here, the season of layers has officially arrived; puffer jackets, coats, scarves, mittens, gloves and dry skin. When I arrived to Charlotte my winter wardrobe was very minimal but now that I’ve been here for two winter seasons, I’ve definitely improved my winter wardrobe. One of my favorite winter pieces is this puffer jacket; it’s lightweight and warm.

Outfit Details

I started the year by wearing the 2018 Pantone Color of the year, Ultra Violet. This was definitely not on purpose, just a mere coincidence but I figure I pointed it out. I purchased this J.Crew Lamb Wool sweater at my local Goodwill for $4.00, and I’ve never been happier about a purchase. It was so cold outside that if it wasn’t for this sweater and puffer jacket, I might have frozen. So far, the puffer jacket is probably one of my favorite purchases this season. I will probably be wearing this one a lot this season, so stay tuned. I am also not over wearing velvet, so here’s another (more simple) outfit. I purchased these velvet boyfriend cropped pants from the Gap and they have a more relaxed fit to them. I wanted to add a little bit of pizzazz to this outfit so I added the floral booties, fishnet pearl socks and this gold clutch.

P.S. I realized that I am wearing lot of Gap pieces but that is just a coincidence. 

Jacket: Gap / Sweater: J. Crew Lamb Wool Sweater, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Pants: Gap / Shoes: Bamboo / Bag: Gap




Gap ColdControl Lite puffer jacket, available here


Gap Velvet crop girlfriend chinos, available here


Bamboo Floral Print Ankle Booties, available here and Fishnet Pearl Crew Socks, similar here



Gap Quilted Gold Clutch, similar here


J. Crew Lambwool Crew Sweater, similar here