T H R E E M I X: Leather Pants

These were probably my favorite find of 2016 – the Elizabeth and James “Addison” Lambskin Leather Moto Pants. I purchased them brand new with tags at Goodwill for $3.99 – these retailed for $700. There is no way I would have ever been able to purchase these at their retail price but I am 100% happy I found them at Goodwill.

Leather/Faux-Leather pants may seem intimidating at first because they might seem “tacky,” “cheap,” or too “daring.” However, these pants are nothing more than just a step-up from your regular favorite blue jeans. The trick to finding the perfect pair of leather pants is finding ones that you truly feel confident in wearing and of course, finding the perfect fit and material. There are over a hundred different styles of leather pants, I prefer a non-shiny pair with a rich leather look and feel; preferably with a tapered ankle.  This week, I’m showing you how I wore my favorite pair of leather pants styled three (four technically) different ways.



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A quick health Update.

Hey Everyone!

I was finally able to see a doctor on Saturday and it turns out, I’ve had a sinus infection. The doctor indicated that I continue to get lots of rest and I honestly don’t feel 100% myself yet. I had planned on scheduling outfits posts this week but it rained ALL day Sunday so that definitely put a damper on my plans. I do I have two scheduled posts for later on this week so stay tuned for those.  Till then, hope to be back up and running soon