Wool dress + Faux-Wool Coat

As you can tell from these photos, I am more than happy today is the very last day of winter. I’ve already started my spring cleaning and I am slowly transitioning my wardrobe from winter to spring. I was a little disappointment because winter gains are very real and I have to work double time in order to fit back into my spring/summer clothes.

Outfit Details

The weather in Charlotte has been extremely unpredictable. We’ve had 20 degree weather, rain, snow and sunny warm days all in one week. How do I manage? Checking the weather app like every other minute? How do I dress? By wearing a wool dress without leggings, 3.0″ inch heels and a  short coat. I bought this dress at Goodwill late last year and I’ve had on rotation the entire winter season. I figure I’d feature it on the blog since I wore it some much this season and I’m getting ready to put it away. It’s a pretty grey wool dress with an embellished faux-necklace collar and pockets! It’s actually the perfect dress for those lazy days when inspiration is low. I needed a lighter coat to run out the door so I opted for this faux-wool coat since it’s not heavy and warm enough for mild winter days. To finish this look I opted for these very pretty gold/silver Nine West heels and my black vintage bag.

**Outfit is thrifted with the exception of the shoes**

Dress: Roberto Rodriguez, Goodwill: $5.00 / Coat: Old Navy, Goodwill, $5.00 / Bag: Vintage, Value Village: $5.00





Robert Rodriguez Wool Shift Dress, similar here



Nine West Kitten Heels, similar here


Old Navy Faux-Wool Coat, similar here

3 responses to “Wool dress + Faux-Wool Coat”

  1. The struggle is real with the ‘winter gains’. I am watching what I eat and trying to lose weight, (says the person who just ate 2 slices of lemon cake; what was I thinking) 😢

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