Python Jeans + Suede Leggings

Happy Friday everyone! Today I will make it quick. I am currently, cooking, deep conditioning and blogging. Talk about multitasking! By the way, it’s Thursday evening.

Outfit Details

I bought these jeans at the “bins.” The “bins” is the Goodwill Outlet, where clothes are sold by the pound. I typically don’t have much luck at the bins, but I was particularly lucky this day. These are the beloved Seven 7 Jeans and I got them for $1.39. I wanted a neutral look and I think it has a lot to do with yesterday’s outfit. I will admit, I have a thing for earth tones, especially during this time of year. ¬†Since I wanted to keep the neutral tones going, I wore a grey shirt and this beautiful suede jacket. The jacket was another steal! It’s a Guess jacket and I paid $5.50 for it. Truly a timeless piece that will hopefully fit me for years to come. I finished it with this dark brown clutch and beige booties.

Jeans: Seven 7 Jeans: $1.39 // Top: Eileen Fisher Long Sleeve Top: $4.00 // Jacket: Guess Suede Jacket: $5.00 // Clutch: Vintage No Brand: $2.00 // Outfit Total: $12.39

Happy Fashion,


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Seven 7 Skinny Jeans, similar here




Guess Suede Jacket, similar here



Eileen Fisher Long Sleeve Crewneck Shirt, similar here


Shoedazzle Booties, similar here and brown vintage clutch, similar here



The Plaid Blazer + The Herringbone Trousers

Ok, when I say it has been cold, I mean, it has been COLD. My skin is definitely suffering and my body wants to go into hibernation. I don’t know how you Northern folk or people that live in cold places do it. Charlotte’s winters are fairly mild compared to most cold places and I know that most of you that live in these winter wonderlands must be laughing at me. Like I tell everyone, I have “tropical” bones and my body can only handle 80+ degree temperatures. I should mention that this is only FALL and I am already complaining. I am NOT looking forward to old man winter ūüė¶

Outfit Details

Now that Fall is in full swing, you can expect way more sweaters, coats and turtle necks. Of course, you will see lots of wool, cashmere with a little bit of sequin sprinkled here and there. I really wanted to up game with trousers (specifically “work” trousers) because they are warmer than wearing dresses with stockings. I actually recently purchased these Banana Republic trousers for a MAJOR steal at only $5.50. Considering the weather, what a better way to wear these with a turtle neck and this beautiful plaid blazer? I will admit, I was a little nervous about mixing these two prints together because you typically don’t see people mixing herringbone and plaid. HOWEVER, since I’ve been on a “kick” lately to try different things, I figure why not. I went for a very monochromatic look because I just loved how the different shades of beige looked together. From the semi-dark beige colored trousers, to the subtle hints of brown on the blazer to the dark brown color of the clutch. The best thing about this outfit?The ENTIRE outfit comes from a thrift store.

P.S. This was one outfit that was hard to find pieces that were affordable; I’m assuming because of the wool.

Pants: Banana Republic: $5.50 // Blazer: Harvé Benard: $4.00 // Top: Talbots: $4.00 // Clutch: $2.00 // Shoes: Nine West: $8.00 // Thrifted Total: $23.50

Happy Fashion!

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Harvé Benard Plaid Blazer, similar here 


Vintage No Brand Clutch, similar here





Talbots Cable Knit, similar here


Nine West Patent Leather Pointed Toe Heels, similar here


Banana Republic Herringbone Trousers, similar here

T H R E E M I X: The Vinyl Pants

Hello Loves! Threemix is ¬†probably my favorite segment. This is where I show you how to style one piece of clothing three different ways. Of course, I’ll wear the item more than three times and perhaps once I reach nine different ways, I’ll have a segment for that today.

Outfit Details

I think it was the first time I featured these pants on the blog that I mentioned how intimating these pants may seem at first. It’s perhaps the “trash bag” or “wet look” that may seem intimidating. However, as you can see these are not intimating at all. In fact, plenty of other bloggers have featured these pants featured in different ways. ¬†These pants were purchased at Target from the Who What Wear brand. I believe, I paid no more than $10.00 for these.

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Hey loves! ¬†If you are new to my blog Welcome! I’m so excited that you are here. If you’ve been following me for a while, this is just a quick reminder.

Social Media

To keep up with me on a daily basis, follow me on Instagram @rechycd. I don’t use any other platforms because I simply can’t keep up what everything else. In between my full time job and every thing else I have going on, Instagram is the only one I use. I might decide to start sharing on a separate Facebook account. I have family all across the country and outside the country so my original Facebook account is strictly to stay in touch with family.


I’ve been reselling clothes for a while now. I’ve sold clothes on Poshmark for about four years now and eBay from time to time. I’ve accumulated a lot of clothes over the years from thrifting and shopping. Since moving into a small place, I’ve had to donate and gift a lot of clothes. I’ve decided that with the rest of the items that I have left, that I will be reselling. I love vintage pieces and while I will be reselling items that are brand new with tags; I’ll also sell one-of-kind vintage pieces and any other pieces that I deem cool for resale.

On Poshmark, you can find me at @theo_dores and on Instagram, you can keep up with my shop at @rechycd_store. The instagram account will be more to update you all on new pieces and of course, to promote the account. However, on the Instagram account, the link in the bio section will redirect you to the Poshmark app. If you don’t have the APP you can download it on your smartphone and get a $5.00 credit using¬†coupon code THEO_DORES. Once you download the app and use that code, a $5.00 credit will be uploaded to your account. You will also have your own code to share along with friends and family.

DISCLAIMER This IS NOT a paid post from Poshmark or an advertisement.

I am sharing with you all where I’ll be selling in case you happen to fall in love with a piece featured on the blog. I plan on¬†selling directly through my¬†blog. However, for now and until further notice, I will be using Poshmark.

Happy Fashion and Happy Blogging.




The Vinyl Pants

The long weekend is over and its back to work. I have to admit, I was in bed 75% of the time. I rarely take the opportunity to nap and sleep in and that’s exactly what I did. I did all of my “black Friday” online shopping Saturday and ate leftovers on the couch. I didn’t get much done as I had hoped but I still get some things done. It’s Monday so back to the grind it is.

Outfit Details

These PVC pants have been everywhere this season! When I purchased them, I thought I might be one of the handful of people to wear them but I have been proven wrong. It is actually the perfect season to wear them because there is now way you are going to wear these come summer time. This is my third time wearing them and I figured I mixed a little bit of faux-fur ( this top is fur but it was thrifted). ¬†I wanted a very feminine look with this outfit so this top was perfect for the occasion. In order to keep the look feminine and so “fetch” I wore these sheer bow kitten heels and a PVC clutch.

P.S. I had the hardest time finding a top similar to this one.

Top: Willi Smith: $4.00 / Shoes: J.Reené: $1.97 // Clutch: Kate Spade: $1.99 // Thrifted Total: $7.96



Willi Smith Faux Fur Collar Knitwear, similar here


Who What Wear Paperbag Trousers, similar here



Kate Spade Clutch, similar here






J.Reené Bow Top Kitten Heels, similar here and here

My Vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag

When my mother migrated to this country, she worked as a cleaning lady to wealthy people. One of the ladies that she worked with, clean her closet out ever so often and she would pass down clothes, shoes etc to my mother. One day when she was spring cleaning, she threw this Louis Vuitton bag in the donate pile. My mother happened to be there that day and the lady pulled the bag out of the donation pile and gave it to my mother. She told my mother that it was a very expensive handbag and that she should keep it. She tried explaining to my mother that it was a luxury item but my mother didn’t quite understand how expensive this bag was.

Fast forward to a few years later, my aunt (which was in a much better financial position than my mother) asked my mother where she bought her bag. My mother told her the story and my aunt told my mother how expensive the bag was. After living in this country for a few years and obtaining a better understanding of luxury items, my mother finally understood what her former employer had tried to explain to her. From then on, my mother took better care of the purse and only wore it on special occasions.

Fast forward to my teenage years, I begged my mother for this bag but she was not having it. My mother treasured this bag dearly and honestly, I understood why. Selfishly however, I wanted the bag so badly. My sister and I would hound my mother for it and even fought over who should get the bag. August 05, 2015 was the day that I graduated from college and that was the day my mother gave me this bag.

This bag means more to me than a simple fashion statement. It means all the struggles that we went through and all the things that my mother went through in order to be able to provide us with a better life in this country. My mother has gone through a lot of ups and down in her life and she rarely was able to buy herself something nice because we simply could not afford it. This bag represented the only nice thing of value that she had as a young mother with three children so I will forever treasure it because it meant to her more than I will ever know.


Plaid + The Houndstooth Mini

Happy Late Thanksgiving to all of my US folks! I hope you enjoyed spending time with your families, eating, drinking and eating some more. I spent a very quiet Thanksgiving with my husband and dog. We ordered takeout and did our own thing. Since moving away from home, my husband and I decided not to cook this year. It logically makes sense because we have different diets and essentially did not want to deal with leftovers. I’m only forward to Black Friday sales but only online. I’ve done the mall more than once on a Black Friday and I am over it. The hassle of finding parking, the crowded mall AND dressing rooms and all the other annoying things that come with it. Are you doing online shopping or headed to the mall? Let me know in the comments section below.

Outfit Details

I am all about mixing patterns as of late and today I bring you the houndstooth and plaid version. I did not purposely set out to mix these two but I really wanted to wear this top. I knew I didn’t want to wear it with trousers because I wore it like that for work already. Perusing through my closet, I “stumbled” across this skirt ( it was actually hanging in the “black hole” section of my closet) and I immediately knew I wanted to wear it with this shirt. This outfit instantly gave me that 70s vibe and to complete the look, I added these cutout booties. It was pretty cold out so I wore it with this comfy blazer and my hand-me-down LV bag. I wrote a short story about this Louis Vuitton bag and will be releasing this Saturday so stay tuned for that piece.

Top: Talbots $4.00 // Coat: Eddie Bauer $4.00 // Thrifted Total: $8.00




Shoedazzle Cut-out Booties, similar here and Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag, similar here



Vintage Talbots Side Pleated Plaid Chiffon Blouse, similar here


Eddie Bauer Wool Blazer, similar here



The Loft Houndstooth A-Line Mini Skirt, similar here




Faux-Fur Leopard Coat + Leather Skirt

The most rewarding thing about thrifting is knowing how much money I save on clothes. An even greater feeling is when I am able to find “on trend” pieces at thrift stores for a fraction of the cost at a regular stores. Take this coat for example, ¬†I bought this at a thrift store for $25.00. While for thrift stores this is considered steep, it is still MUCH cheaper than what you’ll find at regular stores. This coat is in perfect condition, it’s not designer but it’s one those brands you find mostly at Macys (Alfani) so you know the MSRP was probably $150+ (similar style here)¬†Even H&M’s version of this coat is pricey at $129.00! A greater feeling about thrifting though – is when someone compliments you on your outfit and you proudly say, “this whole look is from the thrift store.”¬†

Outfit Details

It’s that time of the year when I go hunting for the perfect leather/faux-leather skirt. I have an undisclosed obsession with leather/faux-leather skirts. I’m specifically in the lookout for the perfect mini or pencil skirt. Today, ¬†I bring you my most recent leather skirt find. It’s the perfect buttery soft (designer if I may add) leather skirt that I can wear to work and off hours. I actually have a few leather skirts in my collection but I have had to let them go because no one told me that at 30 my hips and but would get wider and fatter. Seriously, what the hell? Since I’ve had to replace all of my skirts, I am now on the hunt for the perfect suede mini or pencil skirt, stay tuned.

Since this is a work outfit, I wore this silk crew neck black and white striped blouse and these red heels for a pop of wow. For some reason, I figured I wear my fishnet socks and lets just say, my husband wasn’t a fan. I however, wanted to go for the exaggerated look so I kept the socks on. I originally did not set out to wear this coat but it was cold out so why not. It was the perfect, “don’t overdress but I’m overdressed look, lol.” I pulled my hear back to a side bun and a black leather clutch.

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Top: Talbots, $4.00 // Skirt: Kay Unger, $4.00 // Coat: Alfani, $25.00 // Skirt: $4.00 // Clutch: Bally, $3.00 // Thrifted Total: $40.00




Kay Unger Leather Pencil Skirt, similar here




Alfani faux-fur leopard coat, similar here



Urban Outfitters Fishnet Pearl Crew Socks, similar here and Shoedazzle T-Strap Bow Heels, similar here BTW those are HOT and on sale so act fast!


Talbots Silk Black and White Striped Blouse, similar here


The Jacquard Blazer + The Accordion Maxi Skirt

In my college years, ¬†I was a major American Apparel fan. I remember being obsessed with their skater skirts and high waisted jeans. In Miami they have the regular store on the main strip of the mall but if you walked around the store, you could walk up to their Outlet. I remember spending a good chunk of my paycheck here and splurging during black Friday sales. Over the years, the fever started to wear off and my obsession slowly subsided. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I can’t fit into their clothes any more AND the fact that they no longer have store locations. I don’t want to purchase jeans online to then have to go through the unbearable online return process, ugh. I am still a huge fan of their bodysuits. Nowadays, I’ll stumble across American Apparel items at thrift stores and I gotta say, they’re hard to pass up. I’m sure in LA they finding their items might be very common but I don’t think that’s the case for everywhere else.

Outfit Details

While we are on the subject of thrift stores, this entire outfit (except the shoes) was purchased at Goodwill. I bought this AA skirt at a Goodwill in Miami. I think I’ve owned this skirt for a few years now and I am finally getting around to wearing it. I actually decided that I am going to sell this piece so if you’re interested, it will be available (soon) on my poshmark, username @theo_dores. The skirt is in good condition but I must admit, it feels a little tight on the waist so it’s time to let it go. The skirt is super sheer so undergarments are a must! I checked the AA website and it looks like they no longer sell these, so if you want it, go grab it.

I wanted to create a look with this skirt that you could easily transition from the office-to-cocktail party. I wanted to wear this skirt to work but I wanted it to look office appropriate so I put on this blazer. With my goal in mind of “office-to-cocktail” look, what a better way to achieve this than with a Jacquard blazer. The skirt is a shimmery cream color and the blazer is cream with gold leaves. I wanted to wear a sweater that complemented both the skirt and the blazer alone so that I would be able to remove the blazer for cocktail hour. Truth be told, the blazer is cocktail hour approved. However, my body gets really warm after a few drinks, especially if the heater is blowing. The sweater happens to be a Halston Heritage (Goodwill find) piece and it happens to be shimmery as well so I was a walking disco ball. Since I happen to be wearing everything gold and shimmer, I figure I wear gold heels. I accessorized with a pair of blush/cream chandelier earrings and a vintage beaded clutch.

P.S. Taking photos spinning is NOT as easy it looks LOL.

Skirt: American Apparel: $5.00 // Top: Halston Heritage: $4.00 // Blazer: Premise: $5.00 // Clutch: Vintage No Brand: $2.00 // Thrifted Total: $16.00



American Apparel Accordion Skit, similar here



Halston Heritage Metallic Knitwear Sweater, similar here



Premise Jacquard Metallic Blazer, similar here 





Steve Madden Gold Embellished Pointed Toe Heels, similar here




Tuxedo Dress = Office-to-Cocktail Dress

Happy Saturday!! This is like my first ever Saturday post and I might be posting on Saturday’s from time to time. Saturday’s are usually blog photo days so that’s why I typically don’t blog on Saturdays but today (the day this post is actually being written) is Thursday (shhh).

Outfit Details

Is this really a tuxedo dress? It’s actually a silk dress and it looks like a tuxedo, but is it a tuxedo? Doesn’t matter because I really love this dress. I purchased this at a Goodwill in Los Angeles over ago and I just around to wearing it. This was actually on the pricer side of thrifting because it was $12.99 ( I know lol) and it is a Trina Turk dress. This is actually the perfect office-to-cocktail dress. Considering it is the holiday season, I will be featuring the outfits that will take you from the office to cocktail hour. I accessorized this dress to a minimum since I needed to keep it professional for 8 hours. For cocktail hour a quick change of lip color and a pair of chandelier earrings can easily take you to cocktail hour. If you’re like me that carries a clutch inside their handbag, then you can pull your clutch out and leave your bag in the car. It’s that simple. No need to run home to change or even worse, change in the car.

Dress: Trina Turk $12.99 // Coat: Yeohlee $10.00 // Thrifted Total: $22.99


Yeohlee Duster Coat, similar here



Trina Turk Tuxedo Dress, similar here