Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas for those of you who celebrate Christmas! I will not have any more outfit posts this week, as I decided to take the week off. If all goes well, I should have outfit posts next week. I had a very a chill noche buena (Christmas Eve) and Christmas day. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas fun of love, laughter, family and food!

Outfit Details

This is not my Christmas outfit – it’s actually pj’s. But for my “holiday” look, I wore my version of a Christmas sweater. I don’t own any Christmas sweaters because frankly, I don’t like them, no matter  how “cute” they are. I wanted a super chill outfit, so I paired this sweater with skinny jeans and black booties. A very simple outfit for a very basic Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Happy Early Kwanza and Happy (very belated) Hanukkah! And if you don’t celebrate any of the above, I hope you had a very restful, happy, joy filled, tummy filled four day weekend!

Happy Fashion!


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Vintage Wool Dress

Hey guys!  Here is a quick #ootd post. I have actually had a pretty hectic week and therefore, have not been posting as much as I would like too.

Outfit Details

I purchased this dress at my local thrift store for $3.50. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I pulled it from the rack because it is super soft and wool. It reminds me of the 60’s and I had to throw on the gloves because why not. The only thing that was missing from this outfit was a hat but let’s be honest, I don’t one. I’m not a huge hat person and the only ones in my collection are floppy hats or my gym cap. Since I was going for that 60’s housewife look, I had to pair this dress with my Mary Jane heels. In order to keep this outfit “fresh and new” (ahem) modern, I added these razor sharp sunnies. I’ll be completely honest, I feel in love with them online but once they arrived, they look super funny on my face. I will say this, I was extremely surprised by the quality of these sunnies, as I was not expecting them to look and feel this good. Since I have super sensitive eyes, I’m always on the lookout for good sunglasses and after trying these out, I’m sold. Unicorn Eyewear has provided me with a 20% discount code to all of my followers, so check them out at http://www.unicorneyewear.com and use code Unicorn20 at check out.

Dress: Vintage: $3.50 // Shoes: Sam Edelman $8.00 // Total Thrifted: $11.50

Happy Fashion!


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Give me Cake Eye Wear, available here










The Culottes

Hey ya’ll! I’m back from a week off. It rained last weekend so I was unable to take photos. However, the weather was great yesterday (Sunday) so I was able to take photos for this week.

Outfit Post

I find the name culottes to be pretty funny; for language reasons, it’s pretty funny. I bought these pretty corduroy culottes at Goodwill, BNWT at Goodwill. Typically these pants are frowned upon to be worn by petite girls like myself but if you wear them right, petite or not, anyone can rock them. One of things to avoid with culottes is ankle straps if you’re petite. They can make you look shorter or in my case, compressed, lol. It’s also best to wear tucked in shirts but in this case, I decided to wear a top that sits right on my hips. I was going to bear booties but I was in no mood to wear socks so I wore these mules. The mules actually pretty looked pretty cool with this out and they were super comfortable. It’s a super casual outfit for Monday but I have also been feeling pretty lazy lately, so there you have it.

Pants: The Limited, thrifted: $4.00 // Top: Vintage No Brand, Thrifted: $4.00 // Total: $8.00









T H R E E M I X: The Leather Pants

The Threemix series; this is where I show you how I’ve styled a piece of clothing three different ways. Today’s style piece is the leather pants. Leather pants are as versatile as jeans. The trick about leather pants is knowing when to wear them. If it’s too hot, you are going to sweat all the liquid from your body. If it’s too cold, then you’ll freeze because they are not warm. However, they make any outfit look super cool, that’s a fact. While there are plenty of super cool leather pants out there, you just have to find the right style for your needs. I was fortunate enough to have found these biker/moto style pants at Goodwill for $4.00; retail for $700.

Happy Fashion,


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Work Wear: Thrifted Elizabeth and James “Addison” Leather Pants, Furla Handbag and Steve Madden Heels, featured here


Oversized Denim Jacket + Leather Pants, featured here


Tartan Blazer + Leather Pants, featured here

Wedding Anniversary + Photos

Today is our 13 years together anniversary and 3 year wedding anniversary. It sounds just as complicated to say to each other, LOL. I don’t want to make this a super cheesy post or a super personal post. My husband is very private and I don’t feature him on the blog because I want to respect his privacy.  WE are actually pretty private about our personal lives, so I’ll share about as much as I feel comfortable with.

Our Story

I’ll keep this love story very short, I promise. My husband and I met in middle school in our seventh grade civic class, a VERY long time ago. We actually disliked each other for very stupid and childish reasons. He had a girlfriend in seventh grade and I liked a different a boy every week. I actually had a crush on my husband BUT my middle school “best friend” had a major crush on him so I, (being the loyal friend I was) immediately stopped liking him ( I think LOL). He disliked me because I was “mean” and “rude” – according to my husband (*eye roll*). We had two classes together and one of those classes, we sat on the SAME TABLE across from each BUT NEVER SPOKE. We didn’t even look each other in the face!

Fast forward to high school. 

We actually did not go to the same high schools, so we are not high school sweethearts.  Since we did not attend the same high schools, we did not see each other until we “met” again four years later at a mutual friend’s party. It just so happened that he and I had the same friends but we weren’t friends. At this party, I went up to speak to him and he had no clue who I was ! *awkward* (insert palm face emoji). I left the party (because curfew) flustered and a little embarrassed but determined to speak to him. I called his best friend at the time ( he was my friend too) asking him to put him on the phone. Confused, his best friend did and after “flirting” on the phone, I got his number. After exchanging a few phone conversations, we began dating and the rest is history.

Proposal + Wedding

My husband proposed in my mother’s living room with the most perfect tear drop ruby gold ring. We were both alone in my mother’s house and it was the most perfect proposal ever. It actually came full circle because that was the same room, my husband asked for my mother’s permission to date me (super strict mother) all those years ago.

We decided that we would get married on our 10th year anniversary. We got married on a Thursday in December with only our immediate family and close friends. It was a super intimate wedding ceremony, followed by a dinner and happy hour. We never wanted a lavish ceremony and we wanted something private with only our immediately family and close friends. We have planned in the future to have a vow renewal ceremony and this time around, have more friends and family in attendance.

Thank you for reading and Happy Monday!

P.S. It rained and snowed ALL weekend, therefore, I don’t have new outfit posts this week. However, I should have new ones next week.

Happy Fashion!


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Karla and Kevin-31

Karla and Kevin-89

Karla and Kevin-130

Karla and Kevin-45

Karla and Kevin-20

Karla and Kevin-118

Karla and Kevin-134

Karla and Kevin-145



The Tartan Blazer + Leather Pants

What’s the difference between tartan and plaid? I didn’t know, so I googled and I ended up more confused. However, I like the name tartan more than plaid to be honest AND when the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle wore a similar pattern coat (here) as my blazer, the Brits called it tartan. It’s a cool name, so I stuck with it.

Outfit Details

These are my beloved leather pants and it’s the first time I pull them out of the closet this season. I was going to wear them with this simple long t-shirt and these black boots. However, turns out it was colder outside than I expected and I was going to wear a sweater but something about this blazer looked cooler. I wanted the outfit to look more structured so I added this belt with it. I looked like a complete badass in this outfit and I loved it.

Blazer: Talbots, thrifted: $4.00 // Pants: Elizabeth and James, thrifted: $4.00 // Total: $8.00



Talbots Tartan Blazer, similar here


Elizabeth and James Addison Moto Pants, similar here



J. Crew Patent Leather Belt, similar here


The Gap booties, similar here





Wide-Leg Trousers

The holidays are finally here and this means that the festivities have finally began for many. This means that many of us are busy making shopping lists, busy shopping and planning for the days ahead. I’m not really make a list or shopping; honestly, that’s the one thing I hate about this season. The vehicle AND mall traffic alone, will make you want to give up shopping completely. If I do any shopping it will be online because let’s face it, the mall is a nightmare. The one place I do plan on raiding is the thrift stores. I love a good bargain and let’s face it, that is the one place that is usually not as crowded.

Outfit Details

Speaking of shopping; a couple of weeks ago, I purchased these beautiful Donacaster wide legged trousers BRAND NEW WITH TAGS! Can you believe they retailed for $220 and I paid, $10.00 for them? Talk about a lucky score. While I intend to wear these in MANY different ways, I loved how they looked with this light/powdered blue turtle neck. I thought the outfit looked very monochromatic-esque and that appears to be a thing on the blog lately ( not intentional) but I loved how darker toned sweater looked with the pants. I had two shoes options that I wanted to wear – these bone color heels OR a pair of metallic blue heels. Ultimately I chose the bone color shoes because I wanted an outfit that was on the lighter side of the spectrum. I finished my look with a faux-faux-ostritch clutch and a high ponytail.

Pants: Donacaster, thrifted: $10.00 // Sweater: J.Crew Turtleneck, thrifted: $4.00 // Clutch: No Brand, thrifted: $2.00 // Thrifted Total: $16.00


Shoedazzle Pointed Toe Heels, similar here


Donacaster high waisted trousers, similar here


No Brand, Faux-Ostrich Envelope Clutch, similar here


Asos Design Small Metal Square Cat Fashion Earrings, available here




J. Crew Light Blue Turtleneck, similar here



Rent the Runway

The holidays are here and I’m sure that they’re plenty of parties you have to attend to and parties that you might be hosting. I attended my very first holiday party of the season Saturday; my office holiday party. Out of all the parties that I have to attend this season, this is probably the most challenging one, outfit wise. I find it challenging because you want to look party ready but you want to keep in mind that whatever you wear, the people that you work with, A.K.A your boss will see you. The last thing you want is John from accounting to give you that creepy look (shivers).

Outfit Details

I had planned on wearing something from my closet but then I quickly realized that everything that I owned was not office party appropriate. Of course, I shopped at Goodwill and even went online but I couldn’t find anything that I liked. With the date coming up quickly, I turned to rent the runway. Unfortunately, I waited too long to decide on what to wear so by the time I went on their site, options were extremely limited. Their options were still better than anything I had hanging in my closet so I went for it. I ordered the dress on Black Friday as they a 40% sale on all orders placed on that day. I rented this dress AND a this dress, click here. While I loved both dresses, this one was my favorite. The second one was a bit too large on the shoulders and waist. I decided to wear the one shoulder dress because it fit better but it definitely was tight; I should have sized up. The dress fit me fine on the bust area but the hip area was constricting; you can see in the photos how “body-con” it was in the stomach area. The dress felt sexy and conservative and I received compliments all night long.

I kept my accessories to a minimum; I wore a beautiful pair of gold chandelier earrings, a black and pink lace clutch and a pair of gold embellished heels. My hair is usually the trickiest thing to style because it’s curly. I didn’t want to straighten my hair because I love my natural hair. I also didn’t want to wear a bun or a ponytail, so I did a half up ponytail. I wanted a bit of “drama” for my makeup so I did a purple and black smokey eye and a neutral lip.

Are you all ready for the holiday season? Anything you wish to see on the blog? Let me know if the comments section below.

*Disclaimer: This NOT a paid post or an advertisement for Rent the Runway.

Happy Fashion,


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Likely Georgia Sheath Dress, available for rent here



Fashion Chandelier Earrings; Ebay, similar here


Likely Georgia Sheath Dress, similar here


Likely Georgia Sheath Dress, similar here


Steve Madden Gold Embellished Pointed Toe Heels, similar here



Kirna Zabêete For Target Clutch, similar here


Likely Georgia Sheath Dress, similar here