T H R E E M I X: The Leopard Dress

Outfit Details

This is MY favorite series on the blog! If you just started following me or stumbled across my blog, Threemix is a series that I show you how I styled one piece of clothing 3 different ways. Today’s Threemix is the leopard body-con dress. This is one of those versatile pieces that you can dress up or down. It’s also the perfect fall/spring dress because its warm but not so warm that you want to strip naked by the time you step outside. I wore the outfit for three separate occasions; casual, dinner and night out.

Dress: Nina Leonard, thrifted: $4.00

Happy Fashion – Karla

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Nina Leonard Sweater Dress, similar here



T H R E E M I X: The Sequin Vintage Sweater

Outfit Details

I’ve expressed my love for vintage sweaters here many times. However, this is THEE favorite vintage sweater. I bought this one back home a few years ago and I originally thought I was going to resell it but I lied. HEHEH ^__^. I fell in love with it so I was like, eh, why not. I’ve worn this sweater more than three times of course, but here are the three ways I featured it on the blog.

I have worn this sweater for work, for a cocktail party and on a casual Saturday afternoon. As you can see here, it was really easy to transition from look to the other by easily replacing a few items. You don’t have to have a huge closet or an endless amount of clothes in order to look fresh. It takes key pieces and reworking your look to make a simple item look “new” on a different day/outfit.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Fashion, Karla.


Vintage Sequin Sweater + Victoria Beckham for Target, featured here


Vinyl Pants + Sequin Vintage Sweater, featured here


Happy Holiday’s Post, here

T H R E E M I X: The Leather Pants

The Threemix series; this is where I show you how I’ve styled a piece of clothing three different ways. Today’s style piece is the leather pants. Leather pants are as versatile as jeans. The trick about leather pants is knowing when to wear them. If it’s too hot, you are going to sweat all the liquid from your body. If it’s too cold, then you’ll freeze because they are not warm. However, they make any outfit look super cool, that’s a fact. While there are plenty of super cool leather pants out there, you just have to find the right style for your needs. I was fortunate enough to have found these biker/moto style pants at Goodwill for $4.00; retail for $700.

Happy Fashion,


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Work Wear: Thrifted Elizabeth and James “Addison” Leather Pants, Furla Handbag and Steve Madden Heels, featured here


Oversized Denim Jacket + Leather Pants, featured here


Tartan Blazer + Leather Pants, featured here

Wedding Anniversary + Photos

Today is our 13 years together anniversary and 3 year wedding anniversary. It sounds just as complicated to say to each other, LOL. I don’t want to make this a super cheesy post or a super personal post. My husband is very private and I don’t feature him on the blog because I want to respect his privacy.  WE are actually pretty private about our personal lives, so I’ll share about as much as I feel comfortable with.

Our Story

I’ll keep this love story very short, I promise. My husband and I met in middle school in our seventh grade civic class, a VERY long time ago. We actually disliked each other for very stupid and childish reasons. He had a girlfriend in seventh grade and I liked a different a boy every week. I actually had a crush on my husband BUT my middle school “best friend” had a major crush on him so I, (being the loyal friend I was) immediately stopped liking him ( I think LOL). He disliked me because I was “mean” and “rude” – according to my husband (*eye roll*). We had two classes together and one of those classes, we sat on the SAME TABLE across from each BUT NEVER SPOKE. We didn’t even look each other in the face!

Fast forward to high school. 

We actually did not go to the same high schools, so we are not high school sweethearts.  Since we did not attend the same high schools, we did not see each other until we “met” again four years later at a mutual friend’s party. It just so happened that he and I had the same friends but we weren’t friends. At this party, I went up to speak to him and he had no clue who I was ! *awkward* (insert palm face emoji). I left the party (because curfew) flustered and a little embarrassed but determined to speak to him. I called his best friend at the time ( he was my friend too) asking him to put him on the phone. Confused, his best friend did and after “flirting” on the phone, I got his number. After exchanging a few phone conversations, we began dating and the rest is history.

Proposal + Wedding

My husband proposed in my mother’s living room with the most perfect tear drop ruby gold ring. We were both alone in my mother’s house and it was the most perfect proposal ever. It actually came full circle because that was the same room, my husband asked for my mother’s permission to date me (super strict mother) all those years ago.

We decided that we would get married on our 10th year anniversary. We got married on a Thursday in December with only our immediate family and close friends. It was a super intimate wedding ceremony, followed by a dinner and happy hour. We never wanted a lavish ceremony and we wanted something private with only our immediately family and close friends. We have planned in the future to have a vow renewal ceremony and this time around, have more friends and family in attendance.

Thank you for reading and Happy Monday!

P.S. It rained and snowed ALL weekend, therefore, I don’t have new outfit posts this week. However, I should have new ones next week.

Happy Fashion!


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Karla and Kevin-31

Karla and Kevin-89

Karla and Kevin-130

Karla and Kevin-45

Karla and Kevin-20

Karla and Kevin-118

Karla and Kevin-134

Karla and Kevin-145



T H R E E M I X: The Vinyl Pants

Hello Loves! Threemix is  probably my favorite segment. This is where I show you how to style one piece of clothing three different ways. Of course, I’ll wear the item more than three times and perhaps once I reach nine different ways, I’ll have a segment for that today.

Outfit Details

I think it was the first time I featured these pants on the blog that I mentioned how intimating these pants may seem at first. It’s perhaps the “trash bag” or “wet look” that may seem intimidating. However, as you can see these are not intimating at all. In fact, plenty of other bloggers have featured these pants featured in different ways.  These pants were purchased at Target from the Who What Wear brand. I believe, I paid no more than $10.00 for these.

Happy Fashion,


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Hey loves!  If you are new to my blog Welcome! I’m so excited that you are here. If you’ve been following me for a while, this is just a quick reminder.

Social Media

To keep up with me on a daily basis, follow me on Instagram @rechycd. I don’t use any other platforms because I simply can’t keep up what everything else. In between my full time job and every thing else I have going on, Instagram is the only one I use. I might decide to start sharing on a separate Facebook account. I have family all across the country and outside the country so my original Facebook account is strictly to stay in touch with family.


I’ve been reselling clothes for a while now. I’ve sold clothes on Poshmark for about four years now and eBay from time to time. I’ve accumulated a lot of clothes over the years from thrifting and shopping. Since moving into a small place, I’ve had to donate and gift a lot of clothes. I’ve decided that with the rest of the items that I have left, that I will be reselling. I love vintage pieces and while I will be reselling items that are brand new with tags; I’ll also sell one-of-kind vintage pieces and any other pieces that I deem cool for resale.

On Poshmark, you can find me at @theo_dores and on Instagram, you can keep up with my shop at @rechycd_store. The instagram account will be more to update you all on new pieces and of course, to promote the account. However, on the Instagram account, the link in the bio section will redirect you to the Poshmark app. If you don’t have the APP you can download it on your smartphone and get a $5.00 credit using coupon code THEO_DORES. Once you download the app and use that code, a $5.00 credit will be uploaded to your account. You will also have your own code to share along with friends and family.

DISCLAIMER This IS NOT a paid post from Poshmark or an advertisement.

I am sharing with you all where I’ll be selling in case you happen to fall in love with a piece featured on the blog. I plan on selling directly through my blog. However, for now and until further notice, I will be using Poshmark.

Happy Fashion and Happy Blogging.




My Vintage Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag

When my mother migrated to this country, she worked as a cleaning lady to wealthy people. One of the ladies that she worked with, clean her closet out ever so often and she would pass down clothes, shoes etc to my mother. One day when she was spring cleaning, she threw this Louis Vuitton bag in the donate pile. My mother happened to be there that day and the lady pulled the bag out of the donation pile and gave it to my mother. She told my mother that it was a very expensive handbag and that she should keep it. She tried explaining to my mother that it was a luxury item but my mother didn’t quite understand how expensive this bag was.

Fast forward to a few years later, my aunt (which was in a much better financial position than my mother) asked my mother where she bought her bag. My mother told her the story and my aunt told my mother how expensive the bag was. After living in this country for a few years and obtaining a better understanding of luxury items, my mother finally understood what her former employer had tried to explain to her. From then on, my mother took better care of the purse and only wore it on special occasions.

Fast forward to my teenage years, I begged my mother for this bag but she was not having it. My mother treasured this bag dearly and honestly, I understood why. Selfishly however, I wanted the bag so badly. My sister and I would hound my mother for it and even fought over who should get the bag. August 05, 2015 was the day that I graduated from college and that was the day my mother gave me this bag.

This bag means more to me than a simple fashion statement. It means all the struggles that we went through and all the things that my mother went through in order to be able to provide us with a better life in this country. My mother has gone through a lot of ups and down in her life and she rarely was able to buy herself something nice because we simply could not afford it. This bag represented the only nice thing of value that she had as a young mother with three children so I will forever treasure it because it meant to her more than I will ever know.


T H R E E M I X: The Leopard Vest

The leopard vest or anything animal print might seem intimidating at first. It might even seem like a want more than a necessity. Ok, you don’t NEED this leopard vest but I bet I can convince you to get one. For starters, you don’t need to wear ALL black to wear this vest or wear neutral colors with it. This also includes denim – you don’t have to wear denim to pull this off. Lastly, it’s super stylish, fashion forward and dare I say, timeless? (too far? lol)


Faux-Fur Leopard Vest, similar here


The Limited Green Faux-Leather Skirt, similar here


Nina Leonard Sweater Dress, similar here

Winter Coats

Ahh, cooler weather calls for layers and layers of clothes. Which means, we walk around looking like giant overstuffed turkeys. I’m not really a big fan of layering. I hate walking around feeling like I can’t move my arms. Also, having to remove pounds of clothes every time I walk in somewhere with a heater. I prefer to just wear one giant coat, warm shoes and call it a day. I love a coat that feels like I am being hugged by a giant warm blanket. I prefer a wool coat, teddy fur or faux-fur. I have a fair amount of coats but I’m always shopping around for more!

Something Navy, Teddy Faux Fur Coat, Available here 

Teddy Faux Fur Coat,
                        color, BLUE BRUNNERA


Zara Double-Breasted Coat, Available here

Image 1 of DOUBLE-BREASTED COAT from Zara


Zara Animal Print Textured Coat, Available here



Mango Lapels Faux-Fur Coat, available here

Lapels faux fur coat

Desert Dry Skin

Hey there beauties! I am going to start talking about different things on the blog besides fashion. I am trying to blog at least 4x a week but of course I need more content. I’ll try to come up with a catchy segment name so stay tuned. I will not be talking about skincare or makeup exclusively, this is not a makeup blog and I absolutely do not love makeup enough to talk about it (don’t expect makeup tutorials, I am not video confident lol).

Let’s talk about my journey and discovery of – SKINCARE. I had mentioned in another post that I learned how to apply makeup when I was 22. It all started with Youtube Makeup tutorials (thank God!). I wasn’t terrible at it but let’s just say, I didn’t apply bronzer or blush. LIKE. EVER. I actually only used makeup for special occasions. Now that we’ve covered how terrible I was at makeup, let’s talk skin care.

I didn’t even know what skincare was. I didn’t even use face wash until I was 23-ish? I’m almost certain that the only reason why I even started to care was because of a magazine article or Youtube tutorial…? The only reason why I started caring so much was because of my dark circles and DRY skin. The dark circles were a hamster wheel issue – I was in college so sleep wasn’t a thing. The dry skin I discovered because one winter day ( 50 degrees is winter in Miami) I noticed a white beard around my chin and cheeks. That’s when I noticed that I had DRY SKIN. I immediately ran to Macys and purchased an exfoliator and a moisturizer.


Today, I am still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. However, I have a routine that seems to be working. I workout 5x a week and with dry skin this means that I can only use a face wash once a day. I have found that many soaps no matter how “mild” they are, they can dry out my skin.

Night time Care: I wash my face at night with a mild face wash and this one seems to be working Dove DermaSeries Dry Skin. I then follow with a night oil, currently I am sampling this Khiels Midnight Recovery oil, that I LOVE but I can’t afford. I’m also currently sampling Laneige eye sleeping mask and I LOVE IT. I have been using this one for a month and I can definitely see an improvemet.

Day time care: I don’t use makeup every day. I usually wear it more during fall and winter because I like the extra level of moisture and lets be honest, I can use the color. In the AM, I simply splash my face with COLD water and pat dry. I then apply a toner and and I pat it into my skin. After the toner has set into my skin, I rub argan oil. I’ve been using the Physicians Formula Argan Oil; again, I pat it into my skin and I let it sit for a few minutes. I finish it with  Belif, The True Cream Aqua bomb moisturizer, I pat this into my skin.

I exfoliate once a week depending on how bad my skin is. My HOLY GRAIL exfoliator is the OLENHENRIKSEN sugar mask! I bought this on a whim at Marshalls one day because it was on sale and boy was it worth the $14.99 I paid. After I used it I realized how amazing this product was and I immediately log onto Sephora. The bottle lasted about 4 months or so because a little goes a long way. It leaves your skin soft and smooth and any face product that you apply with sink into your skin smoothly. I can’t say enough good things about this product.

This post is totally NOT sponsored and these are just the tips and tricks that work for me. This post is entirely too long now so I’ll stop here.

Let me know if the comment section what tip and tricks you have or what has been your journey with skincare. Do you have one? Let me know.