Vinyl Pants + Vintage Sequin Sweater

One of the things that I love about thrift stores (besides saving money) is that I often end up wearing something that is unique. I love finding and wearing one of kind pieces because it makes me feel like I can caring on a legacy. Sure, it’s not “that” deep but buying from thrift stores really has helped me expand my knowledge of fashion, designer brands, save money but most importantly, recycling. Hence the name, ReChycd.

Outfit Details

You can probably quote me on this but this is probably my favorite vintage sweater. The sequin shoulders make this sweater 1000% that much better and prettier. I purchased these vinyl pants from Target last year on sale and I’ve said this before; these pants may be intimidating at first but trust me: THESE ARE SUPER DOPE. Sure, you are going to turn heads and maybe everyone might not like them, but who cares. Wear what you want. I really loved how this all black outfit turned out and what a cooler way to make an all black ensemble stand out by mixing different textures and adding a pop of color. The last element of surprise – the shoes. I didn’t want a simple black pair of heels because I felt like this outfit deserved a bit more, so, the black snake print heels it was. This has probably been one of my favorite outfits so far this season.

Sweater: Vintage, thrift store: $4.00 // Bag: Brooks Brothers, thrifted: $4.00 // Thrifted Total: $8.00





Who What Wear Vinyl Pants, similar here
Steve Madden Snake Print Ankle Strap Heels, similar here



Vintage Sequin Sweater, similar here


The Cashmere Shirt + Plaid Pants

Sometimes in life, things happen unexpectedly. Things that may knock the wind right out of you. But you gotta keep pushing through it all.

What is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness.


Outfit Details

Cashmere tops are so underrated and I can’t figure out why. Ok. I think I know why. Have you seen how much they retail for?! F$@*! The maintenance of cashmere also doesn’t help its case – DRY CLEAN ONLY. I have a friend I thrift with and every time she sees “DRY CLEAN ONLY” she puts it back on the rack. However, if the piece is worth it to me and if it’s in great condition, I don’t care.  I have thrifted several cashmere pieces and they are the absolute best. They’re super soft and super warm.

It was one of those super chilly mornings and I wanted to wear these wool plaid pants. I didn’t want to wear a sweater because I wanted the outfit to look more structured. In order to achieve that structured look I choose this black wool blazer and of course, in order to avoid the “bulky” look wore the cashmere top. Since I wanted to spruce up this outfit a little bit, I wore these leopard heels because you can wear leopard with anything.

Top: Banana Republic Cashmere Top, thrifted: $4.00 / Pants: Banana Republic, thrifted: $8.00 / Purse: Brooks Brothers, thrifted: $4.00 // Thrifted total: $16.00


Banana Republic Cashmere Top, similar here




Banana Republic Ankle Flare Plaid Pants, similar here
Furla Bag and Steve Madden Pony Hair Leopard Ankle Straps


Wool Blazer, similar here




Desert Dry Skin

Hey there beauties! I am going to start talking about different things on the blog besides fashion. I am trying to blog at least 4x a week but of course I need more content. I’ll try to come up with a catchy segment name so stay tuned. I will not be talking about skincare or makeup exclusively, this is not a makeup blog and I absolutely do not love makeup enough to talk about it (don’t expect makeup tutorials, I am not video confident lol).

Let’s talk about my journey and discovery of – SKINCARE. I had mentioned in another post that I learned how to apply makeup when I was 22. It all started with Youtube Makeup tutorials (thank God!). I wasn’t terrible at it but let’s just say, I didn’t apply bronzer or blush. LIKE. EVER. I actually only used makeup for special occasions. Now that we’ve covered how terrible I was at makeup, let’s talk skin care.

I didn’t even know what skincare was. I didn’t even use face wash until I was 23-ish? I’m almost certain that the only reason why I even started to care was because of a magazine article or Youtube tutorial…? The only reason why I started caring so much was because of my dark circles and DRY skin. The dark circles were a hamster wheel issue – I was in college so sleep wasn’t a thing. The dry skin I discovered because one winter day ( 50 degrees is winter in Miami) I noticed a white beard around my chin and cheeks. That’s when I noticed that I had DRY SKIN. I immediately ran to Macys and purchased an exfoliator and a moisturizer.


Today, I am still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. However, I have a routine that seems to be working. I workout 5x a week and with dry skin this means that I can only use a face wash once a day. I have found that many soaps no matter how “mild” they are, they can dry out my skin.

Night time Care: I wash my face at night with a mild face wash and this one seems to be working Dove DermaSeries Dry Skin. I then follow with a night oil, currently I am sampling this Khiels Midnight Recovery oil, that I LOVE but I can’t afford. I’m also currently sampling Laneige eye sleeping mask and I LOVE IT. I have been using this one for a month and I can definitely see an improvemet.

Day time care: I don’t use makeup every day. I usually wear it more during fall and winter because I like the extra level of moisture and lets be honest, I can use the color. In the AM, I simply splash my face with COLD water and pat dry. I then apply a toner and and I pat it into my skin. After the toner has set into my skin, I rub argan oil. I’ve been using the Physicians Formula Argan Oil; again, I pat it into my skin and I let it sit for a few minutes. I finish it with  Belif, The True Cream Aqua bomb moisturizer, I pat this into my skin.

I exfoliate once a week depending on how bad my skin is. My HOLY GRAIL exfoliator is the OLENHENRIKSEN sugar mask! I bought this on a whim at Marshalls one day because it was on sale and boy was it worth the $14.99 I paid. After I used it I realized how amazing this product was and I immediately log onto Sephora. The bottle lasted about 4 months or so because a little goes a long way. It leaves your skin soft and smooth and any face product that you apply with sink into your skin smoothly. I can’t say enough good things about this product.

This post is totally NOT sponsored and these are just the tips and tricks that work for me. This post is entirely too long now so I’ll stop here.

Let me know if the comment section what tip and tricks you have or what has been your journey with skincare. Do you have one? Let me know.




Vintage Baroque Blouse + Wide Legged Trousers

Inhale. Exhale. Blogging is not as simple as one might think. ONE HUNDRED things can go wrong before you even upload the photo to your computer and then ONE HUNDRED other things can wrong before you click “publish.” Case in point this  – this post. This all started Saturday (and I will not bore you with all the painful details) we arrived to our “safe” spot for photos and there was a couple there taking photos. No biggie, we drove down the block for another spot. This was around noon so the sun was out and we live in Charlotte, where there are literally 1000 trees within a mile radius. This means that although it was sunny out, there were shadows everywhere so we had trouble getting good lighting for the photos. After several attempts, we decided to go back to our “safe” spot and after we parked, we find another couple there hanging out. Annoyed at this point, we move around and again, lighting was terrible. There are more things that went wrong but I’ll spare you.

Tonight, this post almost didn’t happen. I uploaded the photos to my laptop, edited photos and just as I was starting to work on this post, my computer decided to go awol. It LITERALLY lost its computer mind.  I took a walk, took a breather, took a shower and I decided it’s time to finally buy a new computer. To be fair, I’ve had this laptop since college and it might explain WHY it lost its damn mind but still, work when I need you to dammit. Ok, after writing this down I realize that my “problems” aren’t big problems, more like annoyances and inconveniences and not the end of the world. I’m grateful for all things, even the bad ones. Everything happens for a reason even those small inconveniences can sometimes lead to big blessings or discoveries.

Outfit Details

A few weeks ago, I headed to the thrift store specifically looking for a piece of black lace fabric for my Halloween costume (check it out here). I was supposed to be in and out of the store but of course, that was a lie. An hour later, I walked out with this baroque silk shirt, these black wide legged pants, a pink sweater and fabric. The shirt was hanging outside the racks, hanging at the edge of the clothes rack just waiting for me to snag it. I totally was on a mission to find my fabric but this shirt lured me into quick browsing, lol.  At the store I tried on the top with these wide legged trousers and I knew, I had to buy the entire look. This is definitely one of those tops that will turn heads. It has two buttons right above the waist which gives the top a deep v-neck. There is definitely frontal boob display or you can wear a cami underneath. I wore a simple black bra that had a sheen to it with an X design in the middle and it looked like a bustier when the wind blew it open. I uploaded one photo were you can see the top and bra in detail. This outfit gives me 70’s vibes and for some reason, all I could think of was Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface and Farrah Fawcett.  It has to do with the pants, I’m 100% sure of that. I thought I was going to do a red lip with this outfit but instead I went with with a purple smokey eye. I LOVED how my makeup turned out for this shoot. I kept everything else fairly simple since the top commands all the attention; black heels and a black clutch.

Side note: What are the odds of me finding the EXACT vintage thrifted purse? I’m not good at math but the odds are improbable. However, I found the EXACT purse online, on Poshmark and of course, I linked it down below on the photo.

Top: Vintage Silk Baroque, thrifted: $3.50 // Pants: The Loft, thrifted: $5.00 // Thrifted Total: $8.50. ***I linked several different sites that have similar tops, as captioned on photos.




Silk Baroque or “Chain” Shirt, similar here
Vintage Quilted Patent Leather Purse, SAME one here


The Loft Crepe High waisted Wide Legged Trousers, similar here


Silk Baroque or “Chain” Top, Similar here



Silk Baroque or “Chain” Top, Similar here


The Shift Dress + Leather Coat

I have a traditional office job where business casual is required. I’m actually happy that this is the case because at my previous job, it was business professional (suits or at least blazers on most days). This is actually the ideal dress code for me because it allows me to play around with clothes that I can wear. Modest for work and a rebel on the weekends. However, it is because of my traditional office job that I have a lot of dresses. As a child, I HATED wearing dress, skirts anything that required showing my legs. As an adult, I can’t get enough of dresses. The dress is THE easiest item of clothing to throw on in the morning when you only have 5 minutes to spare. It’s also the easiest item to transition to from day to night without even trying too much. It’s no secret, I choose dresses over any item of clothing.

Outfit Details 

This is one of those outfits that took me 5 minutes to put together. I love burgundy and animal print together, especially anything leopard pint. I wanted to wear my hair down for this outfit but I wanted that extra “wow” factor so I accessorized with a wool hat. It was the perfect replacement to sunglasses. Weird Fact: My eyes are SUPER sensitive to sunlight so that is why 99% of my outfit posts feature me wearing sunnies. It was a bit cold this day so I wore this beautiful black leather coat and carried on with my black brooks brothers bag.

Dress: Ann Taylor, Goodwill: $5.00 // Bag: Brooks Brothers, thrift store: $5.00 // Hat: Wool, No Brand listed, Goodwill: $2.00 // Leather Coat: The Limited, gifted. // Total thrift: $12.00

The Limited Leather Coat, similar here
Ann Taylor Shoulder Shift Dress, similar here 



Wool Floppy Hat, similar here



Ann Taylor Shoulder Shift Dress, similar here


Steve Madden Leopard Ankle Strap Heels, similar here and Brooks Brother Leather Satchel, similar here




Double Breasted Vest Dress

Try saying that title 5 times fast! Every now and then, I’ll find something at the thrift store that will make me jump from excitement. This is one of those pieces that I feel like I’m not worthy of, LOL. This is a beautiful Emanuel Ungaro masterpiece that I happened to have stumbled across in the “dark section” of the thrift store. This is the section that most people skip because the things that are there are deemed too “unfashionable” or outdated and it’s not worth the hassle. Well, I am the girl that goes to the thrift store and spends 5 hours going through every section hoping to find that masterpiece. *Full disclosure*, I don’t recommend anyone spending that much time at any store, I just have a problem. LOL!

Blazers, blazer dresses and vest dresses are having a huge moment right now. I think we can thank Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex for this as she has worn blazers dresses more than once now. It is definitely having an “IT” moment.

Outfit Details

Originally I was going to wear this vest dress with a bodysuit but I did not like how the one that I have looked. I still want to wear it with a bodysuit, so look out for that post as soon as I find one. Thankfully, it was one of those warm fall days so I was able to get away without something underneath. I really wanted to keep this outfit minimalistic so I styled it with a pair of silver H&M heels and a black Brooks Brothers bag. I finished out with my sleek “chocolate swirl” ponytails, my go-to sunglass and a pair of navy/silver/black drop earrings.

This entire outfit was purchased at the thrift store.

Double Breasted Vest Dress: Emanuel Ungaro $6:00 // Brooks Brothers Bag: $4.00 // H&M Silver Heels: $5.00 // Thrifted Total: $15.00




Emanuel Ungaro Double Breasted Vest Dress, similar here
H&M Silver Heels, similar here and Brooks Brother Leather Bag, similar here
Emanuel Ungaro Double Breasted Vest Dress, similar here







Emanuel Ungaro Double Breasted Vest Dress, similar here



The Addams Family

Happy HALLOWEEN! Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I like to go all out. This year, my family and I decided to be the spookiest and kookiest, The Addams Family. They were my childhood favorite! Growing up my sisters even nicknamed me “Wednesday Addams” because I was that child, lol. I originally thought I was going to sew the dress this year like I did last year’s costume but I was too lazy. Instead, all costumes were purchased and the most difficult part was the makeup. On second thought, getting my dog to cooperate was THE most difficult part. I watched a million Youtube tutorials for Moritica’s makeup and I still didn’t get it 100% right but it’s a costume so I enjoyed the process instead.

The photos were taken at the Old Settlers Cemetery. “It was the first municipal burial ground in Charlotte and contains the graves of many early settlers, with gravesites dating from 1776 through 1884.” – Wikipedia.

The Addams Family: Morticia and Gomez Addams featuring Cousin Itt





Cousin Itt












The gold tear drop ruby is my wedding ring ❤


Victorian Blouse + Midi Pencil Skirt = Monochromatic Outfit

If you notice carefully on my photos, you will notice that this week my makeup is much different. I’m a total basic bitch when it come to my makeup because I suck at it. I also like a more natural look AND when I do happen to play around with shadow, I hate the way it looks. Truth be told, I learned how to PUT ON makeup at 22 (thank god for YouTube tutorials). I say, “put on” because I wasn’t slaying. I was doing enough so that I wouldn’t look ridiculous but I don’t even think I put on concealer and don’t even get me started on “contouring.” I figured out what that was at 27 and the way I “blend” my contour might make Youtube Makeup Vloggers cringe.  I have so much respect for Youtube Makeup Vloggers and makeup artist; applying makeup ain’t easy.

Today’s smoking eye was inspired by Halloween costume. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I was Morticia Addams this year. I struggled with doing her contoured cheekbones but I think I did a decent job. The smoky eye was not a hassle and I loved the way it turned out. I figured I would recreate the look once again but with my normal foundation. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the way my smokey eye turned out.

Outfit Details

I have this slight obsession with Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. I just like the grace that she exudes in all of her photos and outfits. While I cannot afford any of her outfits, I can sure replicate them so today I decided to replicate her signature, “messy bun.” I thought today would be the perfect day to recreate the messy bun since I have a blow-out. While I don’t think the Duchess has worn an outfit similar to mine, I think it might be “royal approved.” I have to say, I felt like a royal in this outfit but what put it over the top to me was the messy bun. I see why the Duchess wears this hairstyle often, it’s very easy to pull off especially when you are running late.

This victorian style shirt really set the tone for this outfit. I wanted a monochromatic outfit and since it’s officially chilly outside, I choose this wool skirt. The pencil skirt and shoulder padded top created the perfect silhouette that gave this look a #tbt moment to the 1940’s. Let’s take a moment to talk about this top. The romanticism of the Victorian era is something to really appreciate and this top pays homage to that era in a totally re-inspired way. While this is totally a vintage piece by today’s standards, this top is still relevant today. This top is truly a timeless piece and a staple in any closet. The skirt is a beautiful French Connection wool skirt that is also a few years old but we all know fashion is recyclable so you wouldn’t be able to tell that this skirt is not from this season. I complete this monochromatic outfit by pairing it with a pair of dark beige patent leather heels and a faux-ostrich clutch.

*Full Disclosure* This outfit was 100% thrifted. 


Vintage Joanie Char Blouses San Francisco, Splurge here
French Connection Wool Skirt, similar here 
Peek-a-boo moment


Nine West Heels, similar here and Faux-Ostrich bag, similar here




Vintage Joanie Char Blouses San Francisco, Steal here


Double Breasted Blazer + “Mom” Jeans

My husband is not a fan of this jean style and I’m completely in love. “Mom” jeans are totally flattering and fashionable – don’t get it twisted. I actually bought these jeans at the Goodwill outlet for $1.39 but unfortunately, they had a hole right in between the but hole area.  One night scrolling through instagram I came across a pair that had been distressed like these and I immediately wanted a pair. However, after a few google searches I realized that these were redone. Of course, because of the “Kardashian effect” these were soon available in a shitload of websites, here and here. Since I am a DIY’er myself, I told myself that I would try to make myself a pair before I shelled out the cash. These are my interpretation of them but I will be honest, I did not 100% love the look so I think I’ll be buying a pair, hehe ^_^ . If you want to distress a pair yourself, google search “how to distress jeans” and you will find tons of tutorials that will teach you how to try it. I suggest you start with a pair you don’t mind “testing” it on BEFORE you do it on a pair you love.

Outfit Details

It’s no secret that this fall season “on trend” item is the suit. There are suits EVERYWHERE and almost EVERY celeb out there is rocking a suit, blazer, trousers, etc. I for one, have always owned suits (for work) blazers and trousers, so this has been a super easy thing for me to replicate. I also own multiple blazers because I personally love a good blazer but I have been falling more and more in love with the double breasted blazer. I know most people think of the mafia when they think of the double breasted blazer but there’s something so cool about them. Which is probably one of the reasons why the mafiosos wore these. I was actually at an H&M the first time I saw them at fast fashion shop and when I pulled the blazer out of the rack, I almost fainted! It was marked for $80-ish dollars? I can’t remember but I scuffed at the idea. Do you know how many of these are just WAITING at your nearest thrift store to be taken home!? I did what I do best. I went to my local thrift store and there. it. was. This beauty was hanging on the coats/blazers sections for a cool $4.00. The blazer is in impeccable condition and sure, this might be a decade old but you can’t tell.

Since it’s casual Friday I knew I wanted something laid back but chic to wear so I pulled these two pieces together. I originally was going to wear a white long sleeve top but it’s pretty chilly outside so I stuck to a long sleeve bodysuit which was warmer. Keeping my height in mind, I opted for a pair of heels but you know I do the most sometimes so leopard heels it was. I’m trying this new thing where I try to style my hair more, so here you go. A half up/half down do that took me back to my middle school days with my heart bamboo hoops.


Levis 550 Vintage Jeans, similar here
Gap Cotton Long Sleeve Bodysuit, similar here


Talbots Double Breasted Blazer, similar here




Steve Madden Leopard heels, similar here


Silk Wrap Blouse + Velvet Culottes

Fashion Rule: If you’re 5’4″ and under, NEVER wear Culottes, A-line Skirts or anything that stops right above your ankles.  Rules are meant to be broken.

There’s this huge misconception in the fashion world that people under 5’4″ should avoid clothing that stops at our ankles because it will make us look short or as if the “outfit is wearing us.” While, this is true. If done right, you CAN wear such pieces if you’re 5’4″ and under; you just need to know how to do it. I’m no expert, believe me. However, speaking as someone that happens to be 5’4″, I know all too well about what works and what doesn’t. Whenever I do wear pieces that sit just above my ankles, I usually do the following:

  1. I make sure the skirt/pants sit right above my waist and tuck the blouse in.
  2. Since I’m small chested, I can get away with blouses that have ruffles etc. but I make sure that the design doesn’t swallow my waist as this is the area that I want to accentuate.  However, I usually stick to a top that’s fitted and that I can easily tuck in.
  3. I usually wear pumps/stilettos and avoid shoes that wrap around my ankles. I never wear boots because it really does shrink me. However, I have seen short women pull this off effortlessly; it just doesn’t work for me.
  4. Avoid things that will make me look frumpy and shorter than what I really am.

However, I will say this: YOU have to know your body – what works and what doesn’t. In the end, wear whatever the hell makes you happy! 

“Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” – Oscar De La Renta

Outfit Details

Now that we’re done breaking rules, let’s talk about today’s outfit. That top was actually a steal because I bought it at Goodwill for $3.49 BRAND NEW WITH TAGS. (My gut feeling tells me that this was purchased from The Limited’s liquidation sale from last year and since items were final sale and you could not return them, the buyer donated it to Goodwill. Why do I think that? There were a ton of The Limited items at Goodwill that day, lol.) Anyway, back to the outfit.  Originally when I purchased it, I thought I was going to wear it with jeans but when I saw my velvet culottes, mind changed. I love playing with different textures and patterns and mixing these two together really made the outfit stand out. This top is the perfect cocktail dress replacement. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort because you can still be a standout with this piece.

I’m a huge fan of navy and black combination and this was the perfect outfit to mix those two colors with. I accessorized with a black and pink clutch; I just loved the pop of color. The shoes were another steal: $1.39 at the Goodwill Outlet O_O BRAND NEW! These were the perfect evening shoes for the perfect evening and I didn’t have to sacrifice comfort.



The Gap Velvet Culottes, similar here STEAL!
The Limited Blouse, similar here steal!


JR Kitten Heels, similar here and similar evening clutch here


The Limited Blouse, similar here SPLURGE


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