Vinyl Pants + Vintage Silk Blouse

Outfit Details

If you’re still with me on these Vinyl pants and I didn’t convince you on the first go around, check this outfit out. I know these pants can be intimidating and they might not be worth the money since these are definitely a fashion trend and not-so-much-of-a staple. For this look, I wanted something sporty-chic because the pants have that casual sporty feel to it. I’ve mentioned before that I love vintage sweaters but I love silk tops just as much. In order to keep that sporty-chic vibe going I wore my silk bomber jacket, patent leather sandals and a high ponytail. The patent leather sandals were actually a very lucky find as I purchased them at a thrift store brand new without tags for only $15.00.

Top: Vintage No Brand, Goodwill: $4.00 / Shoes: Michael Kors Sandals, thrift store: $15.00 Bomber Jacket: Silkand, Goodwill: $4.00 / Thrifted Total: $22.00




No Brand Vintage Silk Top, similar here




WhoWhatWear Vinyl Pants, Similar here


Michael Kors Berkley T-Strap Heels, available here


Silkland Bomber Jacket, similar here



Silk Bomber Jacket + Pencil Skirt

Bomber jackets are the epitome of cool girl streetwear. I have amassed a nice collection of bomber jackets and I simply can’t get enough. I have them in different shades, materials and for every occasion. I have been very luck to have found THE coolest bomber jacket on the planet, THE Chanel (?) gold chain bomber jacket that Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Teyana Taylor have been spotted wearing; I’ll feature it on the blog later on in the spring season.

Outfit Details

Today though, let’s talk about this cool silk champagne bomber jacket. Of course, this is another thrift store find and guess what? This whole look (with the exception of the shoes) came straight from Goodwill. I’ve been wearing a lot of monochromatic outfits lately but I love the mix between green and beige/champagne so when I put this look together, I knew I wanted a jacket that stood out. I love how this buttery champagne jacket contrasted my dark green outfit. This is one of my transitional outfits from one season to the next. The pencil skirt is wool and the top although sheer, also has a nice wool-like feel to it that makes it perfect for the early signs of spring. Instead of wearing open toe shoes, I opted for booties to keep the toes warm and I accessorized with a faux-ostrich clutch to match the booties.

Jacket: Silkland Silk Champagne Bomber Jacket, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Top: Zara,  purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Skirt: Lucia Basics Green Pencil Skirt, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Clutch: Faux-Ostrich Envelope Clutch, No Brand, purchased at Goodwill: $2.00 / Thrift total: $14.00




Silkland Silk Bomber Jacket, similar here


Faux-Ostrich Beige Envelope Clutch, similar here


Shoedazzle Cut-out Booties, similar here



Lucia Basics Green Wool Pencil Skirt, similar here



Zara Leopard Top, similar here




Faux-Fur Bomber Jacket + Chunky Knit Sweater

What do you call a sweater that looks like a t-shirt but its chunky knit, short sleeve and warm at the same time? This. I just described the shirt that I’m wearing but I don’t know what’s the right way to call it so, I just described it. I must say when I first saw it I fell in love with it because it’s perfect for spring time.

Outfit Details

So I bought this t-shirt sweater because I fell in love with it, the problem is, it’s that if you don’t wear it correctly, it can make you look bulky. The best way to wear this style of shirt is by wearing it with fitted bottom pieces. That is why for this outfit, I decided to wear it with my leggings. It balances out the outfit by adding the heaviest piece on top and the lighter and fitted piece at the bottom. In order to keep the outfit casual I added white sneakers and a bomber jacket.  and my  I’m actually running errands today (doctors appointments) so I figured I wear easy clothes to take on and off without hassle. The shirt is warm enough for the weather and perfect enough to layer underneath and take it off once it’s too hot out.

Top: Banana Republic Sweater T-shirt, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00





Banana Republic T-Shirt Sweater, similar here



Nike Women’s Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit Lace Up Sneakers, available here





Gap Faux-fur bomber jacket, available here



Nike Power Legendary High Rise Training Tights, available here


Faux-Fur Bomber Jacket

Now that most leaves have fallen on the ground, it truly looks like fall. I didn’t realize how much fun it was to play with leaves until we ( my husband and I ) discovered that our dog, Sir Teddy, likes to walk through leave piles. Sir Teddy enjoys walking through a freshly raked pile of leaves. My guess is that he must like the leaves brushing his fur but there is no way of confirming this.

Outfit Details

There are few stores that I like to go to on Black Friday and the Gap is one them. I should mention that the Gap was my first job and therefore, I have a biased love affair. As far as I can remember their discount for Black Friday is 50% off. I can no longer benefit from their employee discount, so this is the one time of year I splurge there. I went for the purpose of stocking up on sweaters but once I got there, I was torn between the faux-fur bomber jacket and the oversized faux-fur jacket. In the end, I chose the faux-fur bomber jacket because, I NEEDED a winter bomber jacket (not really but lol). The jacket is super warm and the faux-fur trim is so soft and plush, this will definitely be a fall staple.  I went for a super casual look with this outfit, so I wore a pair of blue jeans, coincidentally enough from the Gap, a tiered ruffle sleeve sweater and my Vince Camuto booties. I completed my look with a blush lipstick and a pair of aviators because you have to wear aviators with a bomber jacket, duh, lol. I’m thinking the next outfit I pair this jacket with, will be a bit more classy, stay tuned.

Jacket: The Gap, faux-fur bomber jacket, (half-off sale): $64.00 / Jeans: The Gap, clearance sale: $7.99; Top: Mood and Madison Layered tiered ruffle sweater, $12.00 / Shoes: Vince Camuto. Outfit total: $85.00






Vince Camuto “tema” studded brown booties, similar here



Moon and Madison Ruffle Tiered Sweater, similar here


Gap Faux-fur bomber jacket, available here