T H R E E M I X: The Leopard Vest

The leopard vest or anything animal print might seem intimidating at first. It might even seem like a want more than a necessity. Ok, you don’t NEED this leopard vest but I bet I can convince you to get one. For starters, you don’t need to wear ALL black to wear this vest or wear neutral colors with it. This also includes denim – you don’t have to wear denim to pull this off. Lastly, it’s super stylish, fashion forward and dare I say, timeless? (too far? lol)


Faux-Fur Leopard Vest, similar here


The Limited Green Faux-Leather Skirt, similar here


Nina Leonard Sweater Dress, similar here

Faux-Fur Leopard Vest + Leopard Dress = Matchy-Mismatchy

Here’s another fashion rule I am breaking today: Don’t mix or wear no more than one animal print at a time.  Consider this rule broken. *Side note* Believe it or not, this look was not inspired by Beyonce’s OTRT2 leopard print out.  

Outfit Details

The mixing of animal prints in one outfit has actually become a very popular trend and several celebrities and fashion bloggers have been doing it. In order to achieve this look,you’re grouping items in a similar print or color and wearing them together.* I actually did not mix my prints together purposely (to be on trend). I really wanted to wear this sweater dress but I wanted to wear a jacket to keep warm, so I pulled the vest out. Once I put them together, I really loved the look, so I was like, “what the hell.”  I almost wore a pair of lighter leopard booties but I changed my mind and now, I think I should have.

I chose OTK boots because it was cold out and the leopard booties I have are actually ankle booties. I knew I did not want to be towing around a coat with me everywhere so I figured I keep warm with boots and the vest. The accessories were pretty bare this time; I wore a brown lip and vinyl clutch. By the way, how cute is this vinyl clutch? For some odd and funny reason this clutch reminds me of a toad! I don’t why but it does, lol. If you really like this clutch, then hold on to your wig, cause guess what?! Zara, has a VERY similar style like this one, coincidence? I’m thinking someone at Zara saw the post of me wearing this bag and they copied, HAHAHA. I don’t think that’s true but you never know, right? lol.

Dress: Nina Leopard, thrifted : $5.00 // Vest: No Brand, thrifted: $2.50 // Bag: Vinyl Clutch, thrifted: $3.00 // Thrift total: $10.50



Nina Leonard Sweater Dress, similar here






No Brand, Faux-Fur Leopard Vest, similar here




Vintage Vinyl Clutch, similar here



Faux-Fur Leopard Vest

The last two weeks were a little rough but I am glad to finally be back blogging. I want to start featuring other things on the blog besides my outfit posts and I will slowly try to introduce that into the blog. It’s pretty tough to try to get things done when you have a full-time job but I am going to try to get better at my time management skills.

Outfit Details

 I had originally planned on only wearing this waffle turtleneck and leggings but I felt like this outfit needed one more thing to make it pop.I decided to throw on this faux-fur leopard vest and my Valentino-esque shoes. I purchased this faux-fur vest at Goodwill  for a measly $2.50 and while it doesn’t have a brand tag on it, I can tell you it’s a pretty good quality piece. The shoes are actually some of my favorite pair of shoes ( I have these in three colors) they are definitely not the Valentino Rockstud they’re BCBGs interpretation of the Valentinos. While they might not be the real thing, they are comfortable and are probably one of the best replicas I’ve seen out there.

Vest: NO Brand, purchased at Goodwill, $2.50 // Sweater: Banana Republic, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 /  Purse: Vintage No Brand, purchased at thrift store:$5.00




BCBG Darron Pump, similar here



Vintage No Brand Leather Handbag, similar here


Faux-Fur Leopard Vest, similar here and here


Ann Taylor Scuba Leggings, similar here


Banana Republic Waffle Turtleneck, Similar here


Happy Thanksgiving…Macklemore?


Hello Friends!

It’s thanksgiving in America today! That means, lot of eating and lots of shopping. This year, I am opting out of Black Friday sales. I feel that there are so many things that I already have that I really don’t need to be out there shopping. Instead, I am going to stay home and lounge around all day; watch movies and sip on wine.

The Outfit:

Today I kept things simple as I was the one in charge of cooking again so I made sure it was a low maintenance outfit. Now, I know most of you might be wondering, “that’s simple?” But it really is. All I did was throw on some black legging jeans, a black long sleeve shirt and black boots. To make the outfit extraordinary? I just threw on this amazing faux-fur leopard vest I found at Goodwill the other day ( seen here).  Just by throwing on this vest, I made my outfit pop; it went from simple to wow. I accessorized with this amazing clutch I found at goodwill the other day ( which is sooooo pretty), a gold necklace, a gold rings, a watch and a bold dark lip. Hope you liked it.

Oh by the way, when I stepped out of the bedroom my boyfriend played: Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan. LOL He said, “you look like Macklemore with that”.

Total outfit cost: 72.50

  • Top: $5.00
  • Legging Jeans: $25.00
  • Boots: $20.00
  • Vest: $2.00
  • Bag: $2.50

Vest: Goodwill// No tags


Black V-Neck: Gap


Legging Jeans: Gap


Boots: JustFab


Bag: Goodwill// Brand: Andé


Necklace: Forever 21 (Old)

Happy Fashion and Happy Thanksgiving!