Easy Sunday




Sunday, the day that we should take time off from our busy schedules and rest. For me, it was an easy going morning and afternoon. I went to a Seafood Festival where the food was YUUUUMMMM ! Of course if you grow up you on the coast or in an island, you either  learn to love or loath seafood. In my case, I love seafood! I can’t get enough of it. The boyfriend and I had an easy afternoon of walking, snapping pics and eating. Now, it’s time for reality and homework it is. I have two semesters to go before graduation and plan on passing every single class left in my curriculum. I am ready lord!

This is an easy outfit, not much that I did to make it stand out as the color is a stand out all on its own. I paired it with strappy, beige/off white ruffled sandals (BTW thrifted brand new with tags at Goodwill for $5.00!) and a vintage cross body ( not shown) Dooney & Bourke bag. I kept my face bare with a bit of gloss and natural eyeshadow.

Hope you all had a fantastic Sunday.

Dress by American Apparel

Shoes by Gap

Happy Fashion,




Ok, so today was a rather strange day. We got “fall” like weather in Miami and I must admit, I was one happy camper. Finally, we have opened our doors to a cool breeze, very low humidity and a “feather weight” chill. It was perfect.

Since the weather was soooo lovely today, the weather inspired my outfit. I decided to sport these black legging jeans from the gap, liquid chunky boots from the gap and a green top I bought at my local Marshall’s. The outfit was cool enough for the breeze but light enough for the heat. If there is one amazing things about this city, is that you need to learn how to dress for it. Our winters are extremely mild (snowbirds don’t even call them winters) and our summers are very hot. I topped this look by picking up my hair and a bold oxford blood lip. I wanted my outfit to represent the dark colors of fall.

Outfit Details

Boots @ Gap

Legging Jeans @ Gap

Shirt @ Marshalls

Happy Fashion.


Rock-n-Roll it’s Wednesday!


Hey everybody!

It’s the middle of the week and that only means that the weekend is near! For those casual days that when we want to look chic and simple, I like to wear one of my favorite rock band t-shirts, jeans and a nice pair of suede platforms.

I love the simple t-shirts and jeans combo. The best things about this combination is that you can wear it up or down. I wore them a little “up” this time since wearing them with sneakers was just a bit too simple for me.

I was lucky enough to find this shirt at Goodwill for $3.00! The jeans are from Gap, because I just love Gap jeans. I must confess, I only wear Gap jeans *guilty pleasure*. The shoes I can’t get enough of and as I have said before, I bought them at Goodwill as well for $8.00. This outfit cost me a total of $23.00, ( jeans were $11.99). Welp, hope everyone is having a wonderful time.

Jeans @ Gap
Metallica t-shirt purchased at Gap
Platforms Steve Madden purchased at Goodwill

Happy Fashion,


Boyfriend shorts + shirt = Chic girlfriend.


So, we are all very well aware of the boyfriend jeans and the boyfriend shirts, but what about the boyfriend shorts?! Yes, I rocked my destroyed boyfriend shorts and loved every minute of it. Isn’t it just comfortable to just be able to wear nice looking loose fitted clothing? It just feels so relaxing and for some reason I feel sexy wearing my loose fitting clothing. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I feel comfortable. The shirt is also a “boyfriend shirt” which I must admit is adorable. It is a white on white stripe collar shirt, and the opposite white stripe is almost nude. Definitely my summer favorite shirt at the moment.

In order to make the outfit chic, I added these gorgeous platform pumps (suede) that I recently bought at goodwill, brand new by the way, for only $8.00 bucks! Score! The boyfriend shorts were also bought at goodwill for $5 and the shirt I bought at the gap on sale for $11.99. The whole outfit ( not including the bag) cost $25.00. That’s what I call chic and cheap 🙂

My tote was part of my outfit by default because I was running errands and this is the bag I carry my life in. I carry soooo many things in this bag that I find myself only wearing with this bag. It’s a coach by the way and I bought it about a year ago.

Talk to y’all very soon!

P.S. I have been thinking of having a “thrift finds” section on my blog. Leave feedback below if is something you would like to be interested in reading. Thanks and much love.

Shorts @ American Eagle via thrifted
Shirt @ Gap
Shoes @ Steve Madden via thrifted
Tote @ Coach

Happy Fashion