The Plaid Blazer + The Herringbone Trousers

Ok, when I say it has been cold, I mean, it has been COLD. My skin is definitely suffering and my body wants to go into hibernation. I don’t know how you Northern folk or people that live in cold places do it. Charlotte’s winters are fairly mild compared to most cold places and I know that most of you that live in these winter wonderlands must be laughing at me. Like I tell everyone, I have “tropical” bones and my body can only handle 80+ degree temperatures. I should mention that this is only FALL and I am already complaining. I am NOT looking forward to old man winter ūüė¶

Outfit Details

Now that Fall is in full swing, you can expect way more sweaters, coats and turtle necks. Of course, you will see lots of wool, cashmere with a little bit of sequin sprinkled here and there. I really wanted to up game with trousers (specifically “work” trousers) because they are warmer than wearing dresses with stockings. I actually recently purchased these Banana Republic trousers for a MAJOR steal at only $5.50. Considering the weather, what a better way to wear these with a turtle neck and this beautiful plaid blazer? I will admit, I was a little nervous about mixing these two prints together because you typically don’t see people mixing herringbone and plaid. HOWEVER, since I’ve been on a “kick” lately to try different things, I figure why not. I went for a very monochromatic look because I just loved how the different shades of beige looked together. From the semi-dark beige colored trousers, to the subtle hints of brown on the blazer to the dark brown color of the clutch. The best thing about this outfit?The ENTIRE outfit comes from a thrift store.

P.S. This was one outfit that was hard to find pieces that were affordable; I’m assuming because of the wool.

Pants: Banana Republic: $5.50 // Blazer: Harvé Benard: $4.00 // Top: Talbots: $4.00 // Clutch: $2.00 // Shoes: Nine West: $8.00 // Thrifted Total: $23.50

Happy Fashion!

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Harvé Benard Plaid Blazer, similar here 


Vintage No Brand Clutch, similar here





Talbots Cable Knit, similar here


Nine West Patent Leather Pointed Toe Heels, similar here


Banana Republic Herringbone Trousers, similar here

Victorian Blouse + Midi Pencil Skirt = Monochromatic Outfit

If you notice carefully on my photos, you will notice that this week my makeup is much different. I’m a total basic bitch when it come to my makeup because I suck at it. I also like a more natural look AND when I do happen to play around with shadow, I hate the way it looks. Truth be told, I learned how to PUT ON makeup at 22 (thank god for YouTube tutorials). I say, “put on” because I wasn’t slaying. I was doing enough so that I wouldn’t look ridiculous but I don’t even think I put on concealer and don’t even get me started on “contouring.”¬†I figured out what that was at 27 and the way I “blend” my contour might make Youtube Makeup Vloggers cringe. ¬†I have so much respect for Youtube Makeup Vloggers and makeup artist; applying makeup ain’t easy.

Today’s smoking eye was inspired by Halloween costume. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I was Morticia Addams this year. I struggled with doing her contoured cheekbones but I think I did a decent job. The smoky eye was not a hassle and I loved the way it turned out. I figured I would recreate the look once again but with my normal foundation. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the way my smokey eye turned out.

Outfit Details

I have this slight obsession with Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. I just like the grace that she exudes in all of her photos and outfits. While I cannot afford any of her outfits, I can sure replicate them so today I decided to replicate her signature, “messy bun.” I thought today would be the perfect day to recreate the messy bun since I have a blow-out. While I don’t think the Duchess has worn an outfit similar to mine, I think it might be “royal approved.” I have to say, I felt like a royal in this outfit but what put it over the top to me was the messy bun. I see why the Duchess wears this hairstyle often, it’s very easy to pull off especially when you are running late.

This victorian style shirt really set the tone for this outfit. I wanted a monochromatic outfit and since it’s officially chilly outside, I choose this wool skirt. The pencil skirt and shoulder padded top created the perfect silhouette that gave this look a #tbt moment to the 1940’s. Let’s take a moment to talk about this top. The romanticism of the Victorian era is something to really appreciate and this top pays homage to that era in a totally re-inspired way. While this is totally a vintage piece by today’s standards, this top is still relevant today. This top is truly a timeless piece and a staple in any closet. The skirt is a beautiful French Connection wool skirt that is also a few years old but we all know fashion is recyclable so you wouldn’t be able to tell that this skirt is not from this season. I complete this monochromatic outfit by pairing it with a pair of dark beige patent leather heels and a faux-ostrich clutch.

*Full Disclosure* This outfit was 100% thrifted. 



Vintage Joanie Char Blouses San Francisco, Splurge here


French Connection Wool Skirt, similar here 


Peek-a-boo moment



Nine West Heels, similar here and Faux-Ostrich bag, similar here





Vintage Joanie Char Blouses San Francisco, Steal here


Hot Pink Moto Jacket + Victoria Beckham for Target Fuchsia Trousers = Monochromatic

I’m the Pink Panther’s doppelg√§nger today, ok, not really but he’s got some serious competition. I know the hot pink might seem like a bit too much at first but I promise I didn’t look like the Pepto-bismol bottle and I did not blind anyone with this look.

Outfit Details

The thing about monochromatic outfits is that they are very daring, especially if you’re wearing very bright colors like I did. In order to balance such a strong color, I added a lighter shade of the same color and mixed in a different color for contrast. I know the rule is to stick with the same color in order to create that cohesive monochromatic look but rules were meant to be broken. The turtle neck underneath the coat was the perfect shade of pink in order to balance out the coat and pants and I wore a pair of black and pink python ankle straps and I kept the oversized floral lace clutch (worn last post) to finish the look. I kept the accessories to a minimum since I did not want any distractions to take away from this look.

Top: Gap, purchase at Goodwill: $4.00 / Coat: The Limited Wool Moto Jacket, Purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 /  Clutch: Jessica Simpson Floral Lace Oversized Clutch, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Thrifted total: $13.00




Gap, ribbed turtleneck sweater, similar here



Victoria Beckham for Target Hot Pink Trousers, Available here and here



Steve Madden Python Black and Pink Suede Ankle Straps, similar here


Jessica Simpson Lace and Floral Clutch, similar here


The Limited, Sueded Moto Jacket, similar here and here






Today’s outfit has a little bit or rebel and a little bit of chic. To be honest, there is something about this outfit that reminds me of Rihanna. I think it might be the blazer, or the sunglasses but there is something about this outfit that makes want to scream badgal Riri. The blazer inspired this outfit down to the shoes. The blazer was a thrift store find and I knew I had the perfect pants to wear this blazer with. Once I had set my heart on the outfit, finding the piece to match it with was a piece of cake. The bustier was a present from sister and I had not gotten around to wearing it. Once I paired them together it was a match made in heaven. The shoes were another thrift store find.

Thrifted Details:

Blazer: $5.00

Shoes: $10.00

Happy Fashion,






Pants: Forever 21


Blazer: Kasper for A.S.L



Bustier: Forever 21


Shoes: Shultz