The Midi Skirt

For a very quick moment, we experienced late spring weather here in Charlotte last week. I’m saying quick because the temperatures are forecasted to drop and apparently there’s going to be rain and snow this weekend. Ā So there’s that (here goes to another weekend hibernating šŸ˜¦) . Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how quick this weather was going to last because it started raining and we were unable to capture more than 4 good photos for this post.

Outfit Details

For this very brief moment of spring like weather, Ā I was actually able to wear this beautiful H&M skirt I thrifted the other day. There’s something about earth tone colors that is truly beautiful. I wanted this to be a nice winter/spring transition look (although I’m a few months early) and what better way than to pair a mustard midi skirt with a snake print top. Since the weather was that unforgiving I wore open toe shoes and I opted for these beautiful black and white mules, I thrifted BNWT! This entire outfit was thrifted ! Talk about Happy New Year. The purse was not thrifted but rather gifted to me for my 16th birthday from my mom.

Skirt: H&M, Goodwill: $4.00 // Top: Talbots, Goodwill Outlet: $1.97 // Shoes: Nine West, Goodwill: $5.00 // Thrifted Total: $10.97

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Thank you and Happy Fashion – Karla





The Culottes

Hey ya’ll! I’m back from a week off. It rained last weekend so I was unable to take photos. However, the weather was great yesterday (Sunday) so I was able to take photos for this week.

Outfit Post

I find the name culottes to be pretty funny; for language reasons, it’s pretty funny. I bought these pretty corduroy culottes at Goodwill, BNWT at Goodwill. Typically these pants are frowned upon to be worn by petite girls like myself but if you wear them right, petite or not, anyone can rock them. One of things to avoid with culottes is ankle straps if you’re petite. They can make you look shorter or in my case, compressed, lol. It’s also best to wear tucked in shirts but in this case, I decided to wear a top that sits right on my hips. I was going to bear booties but I was in no mood to wear socks so I wore these mules. The mules actually pretty looked pretty cool with this out and they were super comfortable. It’s a super casual outfit for Monday but I have also been feeling pretty lazy lately, so there you have it.

Pants: The Limited, thrifted: $4.00 // Top: Vintage No Brand, Thrifted: $4.00 // Total: $8.00









Light and Crisp

There is something so crisp about a white button up shirt and black pants. I consider it to be one of my favorite classic looks because you can wear this ensemble either up or down and look very well put together. For this look, I wanted to wear it up but if you wanted to wear this down, it can be easily achieved by wearing a pair of converse, less makeup, a cute cross body or backpack and instead of the chunky chain a nice big watch orĀ earrings.

Outfit Details

For this look, I wanted my accessories to do all the talking. Since the colors are very neutral I decided that I wanted to keep that neutrality but with a bit of “spice”. I added these gorgeous patent leather mules that I purchased at Goodwill for $7.00 and this chunky “snake-like” chain to really make this outfit stand out. I finished it with red lips and red toe nails.

Happy Fashion.



Shirt: Gap


Pants: Gap “Skinny Mini”


Shoes: Nine West // Purchased at Goodwill


Necklace: Purchased on Ebay


Sunglasses: Ray-Bans