Sometimes, you just gotta let the shoes do all the talking


Top: Mango


Pants: Gap Outlet, “Ultra Skinny”

My boyfriend and I have VERY different taste. His style is very subtle, “tranquil” with a hint of color. That is the best way I can describe his style, lol. Mine, it’s more like all over the place. I do not stick to one color, trend, shade, style “type”; I just go with whatever mood I happy to be on that particular day.

Every night, I prep my clothes for the next day because this saves me a lot of time in the morning. I normally try things on, to make sure they fit or look like how I want it too ( since I plan outfits in my head, sometime it looks better in my head loll). I walked out of the closet and I ask my boyfriend ( expect a reaffirmation that the outfit is ok for work) “What do you think aboutthis for work tomorrow?” Now, I only asked because I like his second opinion when it comes to work. I work at a real estate office and although it is usually only me in the office, I want to make sure that my outfit isn’t “too much” for work, since I can get carried away sometimes, lol lol. He looked at me from head to toe and said, “the shoes are too much; it looks like you’re going out, out” ( his words I promise) Man was I disappointed for half a second. I then replied, ” the shirt is appropriate and so  the shirt, I’m wearing the darn shoes.” He then said, “well, I think the shoes are too much.” As I walked away, I turned and said, ” sometimes, you just have to let the shoes do all the talking.” Ha! I wore the darn shoes and the necklace to boot. It was a casual Thursday, the day before Halloween if I may add, why not?

Total Cost of this outfit: $258

  • Top $11.00 (On Sale)
  • Pants $25.00 (On Sale)
  • Shoes $82.00 (On Sale)
  • Bag $140 (On Sale)*

Shoes: Steve Madden Bag: Coach

*keep in mind I bought this bag about 2 to 3 years ago.

Happy Fashion.


Color Block// OOTD

Hi Loves!

Today it’s all about color blocking and adding that pop of color. This outfit is one of my “splurge”pieces; however, “splurge” means a lot of different things to different people so I’ll explain. I bought this dress at the Gap and from the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to have it so I did. The dress though was $79.95 and that is waaaaaay more than I could spend on one single item. I know, I know….quality over quantity but $80 for a dress is a lot for a college student on a part-time job and budget. Luckily enough though I was able to get this dress half off, so that was my splurge 😉 I love this dress because the “flare” is actually structure, meaning ( if I could explain myself) the flare part will remain “puffy” because of the way it was sewn. So it naturally has that pretty flare. The second thing I loved about this dress is that it makes you look slimming and it really gives your body a nice “hourglass” shape. The fact that it is structured at the top and flared at the bottom really gives it that illusion of a much slimmer tummy. The third and final thing I loved about this dress, the fabric. It is a really nice and thick fabric that will keep you cozy; you can easily transition from fall to winter maybe even to spring but after that to storage. This is way to hot for those hot, muggy and humid summer days.

Total Cost of this outfit: $209.50

  • Dress $39.50 ( Promotion)
  • Shoes $20.00 (On Sale)
  • Bag: $140.00 (On Sale)
  • Necklace $10.00 (Promotion)

Guest Starring, Sir Teddy.


Color blocking from head to toe! Dress: GAP


Shoes: Target//Bag: Coach//Necklace: Macy’s


Candid Shot!

Happy Fashion,




Ok, so today was a rather strange day. We got “fall” like weather in Miami and I must admit, I was one happy camper. Finally, we have opened our doors to a cool breeze, very low humidity and a “feather weight” chill. It was perfect.

Since the weather was soooo lovely today, the weather inspired my outfit. I decided to sport these black legging jeans from the gap, liquid chunky boots from the gap and a green top I bought at my local Marshall’s. The outfit was cool enough for the breeze but light enough for the heat. If there is one amazing things about this city, is that you need to learn how to dress for it. Our winters are extremely mild (snowbirds don’t even call them winters) and our summers are very hot. I topped this look by picking up my hair and a bold oxford blood lip. I wanted my outfit to represent the dark colors of fall.

Outfit Details

Boots @ Gap

Legging Jeans @ Gap

Shirt @ Marshalls

Happy Fashion.