T H R E E M I X: The Fur Coat

I know every time I discuss a thrifted item, I claim that one to be my favorite. Truth is, I have way too many favorites! If I had to list my favorites, this coat probably makes it to the top 10. I purchased this coat at Goodwill for $8.00, practically a steal. I know wearing fur can be controversial but everyone is entitled to their opinions. I respect everyone’s choice as I hope you all respect mine.

If you flip through magazine covers, log onto to your favorite fashion site, scroll through your instagram feed or are shopping at your favorite clothing store, chances are you might come across faux-fur/fur coat. If you happen to pick one up from the hanger, at first glance they may seem intimidating. It might immediately trigger images of cocktail parties or posh parties; you might even try it on or you may immediately shove it back into the rack thinking, “you can’t pull this off”, “I don’t even have anything to wear this with”, “I don’t have anywhere to wear this to” or “I’m never going to wear this” moment but the truth is, these coats can worn just like any regular coat. Instead of pairing this coat with a fancy cocktail dress or skirt, I decided to showcase it with three bottoms. One with a pair of silk pants and two denim outfits. The silk pants outfit was for a cocktail evening, the pearl denim was worn to a Cancer Awareness Event and the last outfit was a “casual” Saturday look. Faux-Fur/Fur coats can be worn pretty much anywhere, however, do expect double takes.




Pearls Jeans, Outfit details here



Fur Coat and Embellished top, outfit details here


Fringe Frill Jeans and Pompom Shoes, details here

Fur Coat & Pearl Jeans = Cool Girl

This was one of those bitter cold days where my body just shuts down. I was upset at my fauxtographer a.k.a husband. I can’t recall what I was mad about but lets just say the first ten photos of this shoot, I look pissed. Somewhere along this shoot I realized these were going up on my blog so I adjusted my face. I’m not a “smiler” at all so forcing myself to smile when I’m pissed adds another layer of difficulty for me. I’ll talk about my smile v. “serious” face on another post.

Outfit Details

I wore this outfit to a cancer awareness event, “Think Pink” on a much warmer fall day. It was a wonderful event hosted by a friend of mine where she donated some of her custom hair wigs to another friend of ours, that’s a cancer survivor. It was a wonderful event and our friend was brought to tears because of the generosity of the hostess.

I knew I wanted to wear these jeans because the event was on a Saturday night and these jeans are the perfect mixture of classy and casual. In order to keep this look from looking too casual I added this beautiful butter silk top from Theory. The color is a pearl white but it does remind me of butter ( and it felt like butter). I wore my silver diamond studded ankle strap heels. I threw on this pretty fur coat I purchased at Goodwill and a vintage clutch.

Coat: Vintage Paris Blues Fur Coat, purchased at Goodwill: $7.99 / Jeans: Midnight Muse $40.00 / Top: Theory, Purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 /  Shoes: Zigi Soho: $25.00 / Clutch: Vintage No brand available: $2.00 / Outfit total: $78.99



Midnight Muse Pearl Jeans, Available here



Vintage Paris Blues Fur Coat, similar here




Theory Blouse, similar here


Zigi Soho Ankle Straps, similar here


One of the super MAD photos.