Oversized Wool Coat & Chunky Knit Sweater

On of the things on my to-do list for my Thanksgiving trip back home, was to hit up some thrift stores. Since time went by so quickly, I ended up going to just one store but that trip was definitely worth it. When you think of Miami the last thing that comes to mind is coats or winter coats for that matter. However, I have found my best winter coats in Miami and that has a lot to do with people from the North moving down south and realizing they really don’t need coats. That is why one of the first things I did when I walked into the store was head over to the coats section. While several of the coats were either too large or too damaged, I found THE ICONIC MaxMara wool coat just hanging there waiting for me! You can just imagine the excitement on my face when I realized that I found a $3K+ coat for only $8.00, score! The coat is in near perfect condition, all it needed was a fresh dry clean and it was ready to go. I will say though that sadly, the belt was missing but that can easily be fixed.

Outfit Details

This coat evokes comfort, so I decided to wear it for the first time with a chunky knit sweater, that was also purchased at Goodwill. The coat has the prefect amount of room  for layering or for wearing those really big chunky sweaters. It is extremely warm and I can see myself wearing it for those really cold winter days. Since this was a casual look, I wore a pair of light blue jeans, a pair of black booties and one of my favorite Gap purchases, this beautiful lambskin hobo bag. To complete this look, I accessorized with my favorite accessory of them all, my dog, Sir Teddy.

Coat: MaxMara, purchased at Goodwill: $8.00 / Jeans: Gap, $7.99 / Shoes: Gap, $50.00 / Handbag: Gap, $100.00 / Dog: priceless 🙂 / Outfit total: $166.00


MaxMara 101801 Icon Coat, available here OR for a more budget friendly option, here




J. Crew Chunky Cable Knit Sweater, similar here



Gap Chunky Heel Booties, similar here



Sir Teddy





Gap Lambskin Hobo Bag, similar here


Color Block// OOTD

Hi Loves!

Today it’s all about color blocking and adding that pop of color. This outfit is one of my “splurge”pieces; however, “splurge” means a lot of different things to different people so I’ll explain. I bought this dress at the Gap and from the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to have it so I did. The dress though was $79.95 and that is waaaaaay more than I could spend on one single item. I know, I know….quality over quantity but $80 for a dress is a lot for a college student on a part-time job and budget. Luckily enough though I was able to get this dress half off, so that was my splurge 😉 I love this dress because the “flare” is actually structure, meaning ( if I could explain myself) the flare part will remain “puffy” because of the way it was sewn. So it naturally has that pretty flare. The second thing I loved about this dress is that it makes you look slimming and it really gives your body a nice “hourglass” shape. The fact that it is structured at the top and flared at the bottom really gives it that illusion of a much slimmer tummy. The third and final thing I loved about this dress, the fabric. It is a really nice and thick fabric that will keep you cozy; you can easily transition from fall to winter maybe even to spring but after that to storage. This is way to hot for those hot, muggy and humid summer days.

Total Cost of this outfit: $209.50

  • Dress $39.50 ( Promotion)
  • Shoes $20.00 (On Sale)
  • Bag: $140.00 (On Sale)
  • Necklace $10.00 (Promotion)

Guest Starring, Sir Teddy.


Color blocking from head to toe! Dress: GAP


Shoes: Target//Bag: Coach//Necklace: Macy’s


Candid Shot!

Happy Fashion,