This is one of my favorite summer dresses but sadly, I might have to give this cute little number up. This no longer fits like I want it to so I might have to give it up soon. For this hot and steamy day I decided to pair it with contrasting taupe faux-snake sandals and a crochet-ish clutch. The sunglasses where just my touch of coolness.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Fashion,



Dress: Gap





Shoes: Vince Camuto // Bag: Jessica Simpson



Summer’s Sunshine

Nothing compares to the steamy rush of humidity sucking the life out of your skin, hair and lungs as soon as you step outside in Miami. If you’re not a native you hate it. If you are a native you probably are use to it, love it or the latter. In my case, I love it. Sure, I look like medusa within two minutes of being outside but I’ll take humidity and heat before shoveling snow any day. This summer has been so steamy, I have opted for dresses, skirts and shorts all summer long. The thought of having sweat drip down my legs and into my jeans is just uncomfortable and down right disgusting.

Today’s look is something sweet and simple to get you through this Friday. This skirt is from the Jason Wu collabortaion with Target. I did not buy this item when the collaboration came out; rather, I got very lucky at the thrift store. I happen to have stumbled across this gorgeous piece (w/ tags) at my local Goodwill.

So cheers to a simple outfit with a retro twist & happy weekend!

Happy Fashion,



Sunglasses: CottonOn


Top: Forever 21


Skirt: Jason Wu  for Target



Shoes: Shoedazzle


Mini Skirts

The days of short shorts, tank tops and mini skirts is fast approaching. Since it has been pretty hot in my area, I have already been sporting plenty or shorts and mini’s. I bought this mini skirt at a thrift store last year and I have worn it a few times. I like the fact that this skirt is linen(ish) so it is the perfect skirt for summer. I hope I can wear it at least one last time since the skirt is starting to fit me large at the waist.

Outfit Details

The shirt that I wore with this skirt is chiffon like/sheer like material so it was the perfect shirt for this skirt. I added the shoes for color contrast and a black clutch just to keep it simple. The one thing I love about this outfit? The skirt, shirt and clutch were both lucky Goodwill finds :).

Outfit Total (Thrifted items): $10.50

  • Skirt: $2.50
  • Shirt: $3.00
  • Clutch: $5.00

Happy Fashion,



Top: Unbranded


Bag: Bally // Shoes: Candies


Skirt: Forever 21



These pants are definitely a big hit in my closet. I love how completely flattering they are on my shape and comfortable they are. Which is probably why I have wore these three times but I remixed every piece. My favorite of the three is the long sleeve polka-dot look. There is something so chic and vintage-y about this particular look. Happy Fashion, Karla. SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Rock-n-Roll it’s Wednesday!


Hey everybody!

It’s the middle of the week and that only means that the weekend is near! For those casual days that when we want to look chic and simple, I like to wear one of my favorite rock band t-shirts, jeans and a nice pair of suede platforms.

I love the simple t-shirts and jeans combo. The best things about this combination is that you can wear it up or down. I wore them a little “up” this time since wearing them with sneakers was just a bit too simple for me.

I was lucky enough to find this shirt at Goodwill for $3.00! The jeans are from Gap, because I just love Gap jeans. I must confess, I only wear Gap jeans *guilty pleasure*. The shoes I can’t get enough of and as I have said before, I bought them at Goodwill as well for $8.00. This outfit cost me a total of $23.00, ( jeans were $11.99). Welp, hope everyone is having a wonderful time.

Jeans @ Gap
Metallica t-shirt purchased at Gap
Platforms Steve Madden purchased at Goodwill

Happy Fashion,


Boyfriend shorts + shirt = Chic girlfriend.


So, we are all very well aware of the boyfriend jeans and the boyfriend shirts, but what about the boyfriend shorts?! Yes, I rocked my destroyed boyfriend shorts and loved every minute of it. Isn’t it just comfortable to just be able to wear nice looking loose fitted clothing? It just feels so relaxing and for some reason I feel sexy wearing my loose fitting clothing. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I feel comfortable. The shirt is also a “boyfriend shirt” which I must admit is adorable. It is a white on white stripe collar shirt, and the opposite white stripe is almost nude. Definitely my summer favorite shirt at the moment.

In order to make the outfit chic, I added these gorgeous platform pumps (suede) that I recently bought at goodwill, brand new by the way, for only $8.00 bucks! Score! The boyfriend shorts were also bought at goodwill for $5 and the shirt I bought at the gap on sale for $11.99. The whole outfit ( not including the bag) cost $25.00. That’s what I call chic and cheap 🙂

My tote was part of my outfit by default because I was running errands and this is the bag I carry my life in. I carry soooo many things in this bag that I find myself only wearing with this bag. It’s a coach by the way and I bought it about a year ago.

Talk to y’all very soon!

P.S. I have been thinking of having a “thrift finds” section on my blog. Leave feedback below if is something you would like to be interested in reading. Thanks and much love.

Shorts @ American Eagle via thrifted
Shirt @ Gap
Shoes @ Steve Madden via thrifted
Tote @ Coach

Happy Fashion


Wild Summer


I finally wore this dress that was given to me on my birthday by a dear friend of mine.Yes, it’s as perfect as I thought it would be. I wore this to go thrift store shopping and run errands on a very HOT summer day here in Miami. I have to say it’s a very nice dress and perfect for the weather.

I also, *suprise surprise* got a new hair cut. Yup, I got bangs this weekend and I retouched my ombré. I kind of hated the bangs at first (I have to admit) but I have warmed up to them as the days have gone by; because I have curly hair so my coils curl really bad. Anyway, I am warming up to it very slowly.

Dress @ Gap
Wedges @ Jessica Simpson
Necklace @ Ebay Continue reading

Feeling the blues



Blue and red are my favorite colors! So when I saw this cobalt blue dress, I knew I had to buy it. My only complaint is, I wish it was lined. It’s not, so I can feel the threading of the waist rub on me so I have to wear a slit under. Other than that I love this dress. I decided to pull out my white booties to go with it since I was in the mood for boots. I know it’s summer who wears boots in the summer time, especially in Florida BUT they’re peep toe 😉 . Again, I pulled the hard plastic clear clutch and I accessorized with gold since silver would have been more predictable.

Dress @Gap
Shoes & Clutch @Vince Camuto

Happy Fashion.

Hello Summer!


So it’s been a while and I’ve been around.

I have completely changed my blog and in doing so, I’ve decided that I will bog about my style. Fashion is my number one love and I am clothes obsessed. Since I will never walk a run way show and maybe even never attend one, I will live vicariously through my blog. I know before I blogged about my writing ( which I am still writing poetry) and photos I took, but I will instead do what I love most as I said before.

Moving onto fun stuff – I wore this outfit to my first styling event. I was the host and decided to wear something fun and simple, since it was all about my customers and not me. I love denim as much as love chocolate (ha ha ha ha). Denim is such a staple piece it can paired with anything and there is no possible way you’ll look bad. It’s like the color black (or white) it goes with anything and it looks great on anyone.

The shoes were just another piece I added to this outfit just to make it more fun and the bag, well what girl doesn’t have (or need) an oversized tote to carry their life in?

– Happy Fashion