Tuxedo Dress = Office-to-Cocktail Dress

Happy Saturday!! This is like my first ever Saturday post and I might be posting on Saturday’s from time to time. Saturday’s are usually blog photo days so that’s why I typically don’t blog on Saturdays but today (the day this post is actually being written) is Thursday (shhh).

Outfit Details

Is this really a tuxedo dress? It’s actually a silk dress and it looks like a tuxedo, but is it a tuxedo? Doesn’t matter because I really love this dress. I purchased this at a Goodwill in Los Angeles over ago and I just around to wearing it. This was actually on the pricer side of thrifting because it was $12.99 ( I know lol) and it is a Trina Turk dress. This is actually the perfect office-to-cocktail dress. Considering it is the holiday season, I will be featuring the outfits that will take you from the office to cocktail hour. I accessorized this dress to a minimum since I needed to keep it professional for 8 hours. For cocktail hour a quick change of lip color and a pair of chandelier earrings can easily take you to cocktail hour. If you’re like me that carries a clutch inside their handbag, then you can pull your clutch out and leave your bag in the car. It’s that simple. No need to run home to change or even worse, change in the car.

Dress: Trina Turk $12.99 // Coat: Yeohlee $10.00 // Thrifted Total: $22.99


Yeohlee Duster Coat, similar here



Trina Turk Tuxedo Dress, similar here









Double Breasted Vest Dress

Try saying that title 5 times fast! Every now and then, I’ll find something at the thrift store that will make me jump from excitement. This is one of those pieces that I feel like I’m not worthy of, LOL. This is a beautiful Emanuel Ungaro masterpiece that I happened to have stumbled across in the “dark section” of the thrift store. This is the section that most people skip because the things that are there are deemed too “unfashionable” or outdated and it’s not worth the hassle. Well, I am the girl that goes to the thrift store and spends 5 hours going through every section hoping to find that masterpiece. *Full disclosure*, I don’t recommend anyone spending that much time at any store, I just have a problem. LOL!

Blazers, blazer dresses and vest dresses are having a huge moment right now. I think we can thank Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex for this as she has worn blazers dresses more than once now. It is definitely having an “IT” moment.

Outfit Details

Originally I was going to wear this vest dress with a bodysuit but I did not like how the one that I have looked. I still want to wear it with a bodysuit, so look out for that post as soon as I find one. Thankfully, it was one of those warm fall days so I was able to get away without something underneath. I really wanted to keep this outfit minimalistic so I styled it with a pair of silver H&M heels and a black Brooks Brothers bag. I finished out with my sleek “chocolate swirl” ponytails, my go-to sunglass and a pair of navy/silver/black drop earrings.

This entire outfit was purchased at the thrift store.

Double Breasted Vest Dress: Emanuel Ungaro $6:00 // Brooks Brothers Bag: $4.00 // H&M Silver Heels: $5.00 // Thrifted Total: $15.00





Emanuel Ungaro Double Breasted Vest Dress, similar here


H&M Silver Heels, similar here and Brooks Brother Leather Bag, similar here


Emanuel Ungaro Double Breasted Vest Dress, similar here








Emanuel Ungaro Double Breasted Vest Dress, similar here