T H R E E M I X: The Sequin Vintage Sweater

Outfit Details

I’ve expressed my love for vintage sweaters here many times. However, this is THEE favorite vintage sweater. I bought this one back home a few years ago and I originally thought I was going to resell it but I lied. HEHEH ^__^. I fell in love with it so I was like, eh, why not. I’ve worn this sweater more than three times of course, but here are the three ways I featured it on the blog.

I have worn this sweater for work, for a cocktail party and on a casual Saturday afternoon. As you can see here, it was really easy to transition from look to the other by easily replacing a few items. You don’t have to have a huge closet or an endless amount of clothes in order to look fresh. It takes key pieces and reworking your look to make a simple item look “new” on a different day/outfit.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Fashion, Karla.


Vintage Sequin Sweater + Victoria Beckham for Target, featured here


Vinyl Pants + Sequin Vintage Sweater, featured here


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T H R E E M I X: Victoria Beckham for Target Fuchsia Trouser

I was excited for the collection because I was a major Spice Girls fan and I like Victoria Beckham’s minimalistic approach to fashion. I went crazy at Target that morning but thankfully our stores had no mob rush so I was able to shop without much of a hassle.  I purchased a total of four pieces, the yellow shift flower dress, the pink with scalloped trim dress, the white and black slit skirt and these trousers. Since I’ve had these piece close to a year now and worn them a handful of times, I will say they’re very well made. The fabric is not itchy or too thick and it irons/steams fairly easy. The trousers did begin to create those little balls of fabric in the inner thigh from rubbing and another piece that got damaged from wearing a necklace. The fabric is very delicate as it seems to get damaged easily. Of course, I wasn’t expecting top quality for the price I paid so I’m happy with my purchase.

Outfit Details

The pants might seem like they were my favorite from the collection but it was actually this skirt. I wanted to wear the pants in three different ways because they seem intimidating because of the color but the trick is to be able to work around the pants. I made sure for each outfit to let the other pieces standout since the pants are a standout on their own; I let the top pieces be the center piece. I made sure to keep accessories to a minimum so that I wouldn’t overwhelm the outfit and avoid looking like Pepto-Bismol.


Vintage Sequin Sweater + Victoria Beckham for Target, featured here


Victoria Beckham for Target + Tweed Jacket, featured here


Hot Pink Moto Jacket + Victoria Beckham for Target, featured here




Hot Pink Moto Jacket + Victoria Beckham for Target Fuchsia Trousers = Monochromatic

I’m the Pink Panther’s doppelgänger today, ok, not really but he’s got some serious competition. I know the hot pink might seem like a bit too much at first but I promise I didn’t look like the Pepto-bismol bottle and I did not blind anyone with this look.

Outfit Details

The thing about monochromatic outfits is that they are very daring, especially if you’re wearing very bright colors like I did. In order to balance such a strong color, I added a lighter shade of the same color and mixed in a different color for contrast. I know the rule is to stick with the same color in order to create that cohesive monochromatic look but rules were meant to be broken. The turtle neck underneath the coat was the perfect shade of pink in order to balance out the coat and pants and I wore a pair of black and pink python ankle straps and I kept the oversized floral lace clutch (worn last post) to finish the look. I kept the accessories to a minimum since I did not want any distractions to take away from this look.

Top: Gap, purchase at Goodwill: $4.00 / Coat: The Limited Wool Moto Jacket, Purchased at Goodwill: $5.00 /  Clutch: Jessica Simpson Floral Lace Oversized Clutch, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Thrifted total: $13.00




Gap, ribbed turtleneck sweater, similar here



Victoria Beckham for Target Hot Pink Trousers, Available here and here



Steve Madden Python Black and Pink Suede Ankle Straps, similar here


Jessica Simpson Lace and Floral Clutch, similar here


The Limited, Sueded Moto Jacket, similar here and here





Victoria Beckham x Target Fuchsia Pants + Tweed Jacket

This is the second time I feature these pants for the blog and I am shooting for three so that I may feature them on my THREEMIX segment. I try to get the most out of purchases and I like to wear them at least three times and styled differently. I will admit, these pants are not the best quality and I think the next time I wear them, I will be retiring them. The inner thigh fabric is beginning to wear out and that is not a good look. This is a bit disappointing considering the pants are not even a year old and have only been worn a handful of times.

Outfit Details

Considering we are running on the Christmas high, I wanted one last outfit to celebrate the ending of the season with lots of vibrant colors. Usually when you think of winter, you don’t think pink, green and blue unless you’re decorating your Christmas tree. However, I LOVE color and wearing dark colors all season long are a bit of a bore to me. Once I pulled this blazer out of my closet, I knew that I wanted this outfit to be a complete standout from the sea of dark shades. That is why I decided to wear the Victoria Beckham x Target Fuchsia pants with my metallic blue heels that perfectly matched the blazer. In order to avoid a color clash I kept my accessories “matchy matchy” by wearing my brand spanking used, newly thrifted Kate Spade quilted purse and a pair of fuchsia bedazzling earrings.

Side Note: Finding a similar jacket at an affordable price was nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

Pants: Victoria Beckham x Target Collaboriation, $35.00 / Blazer: No Brand, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Shoes: Rock & Republic, $15.00 / Purse: Kate Spade Quilted Handbag, purchased at Goodwill: $9.00 / Outfit total: $63.00





Victoria Beckham x Target Fuchsia Pants, available on Ebay


Pink Bedazzled Earrings, available here



Vintage No Brand Jacket, similar here



Kate Spade Quilted Purse, similar here



Rock & Republic Metallic Blue Heels, similar here


Vintage Sequin Sweater + Victoria Beckham for Target Hot Pink Trousers

There’s something to be said about vintage sweaters. We usually don’t think about them until this time of year. They remind us of grandmothers sitting in their cozy living rooms by the fireplace knitting away at another snowman sweater or the tired office holiday party theme, ‘ugly sweaters.” I like to shop for vintage sweaters because often times, I end up using them as blouse replacements. So, I want something that has character. This vintage sweater is no ordinary sweater and definitely not your grandmother’s sweater.

Outfit Details

I love anything sequin, sparkly and with lots of bling. So when I came across this sweater at my local Goodwill, I was ecstatic. It is super warm and versatile enough that I can wear it with just about anything. It is slightly large on me (shoulder pads removed) but I like the room that it gives because I can wear a blouse or camisole underneath. I really wanted this outfit to pop, so I decided to wear it with the Victoria Beckham for Target hot pink trousers, my snake print heels and a simple black clutch. I skipped on accessories  altogehter because I wanted the outfit itself to do all the talking.

Sweater: Vintage Sweater, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Pants: Victoria Beckham for Target: $35.00 / Shoes: Steve Madden, $130.00 / Clutch: Bally, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 / Outfit total: $173.00





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