T H R E E M I X: The Vinyl Pants

Hello Loves! Threemix is  probably my favorite segment. This is where I show you how to style one piece of clothing three different ways. Of course, I’ll wear the item more than three times and perhaps once I reach nine different ways, I’ll have a segment for that today.

Outfit Details

I think it was the first time I featured these pants on the blog that I mentioned how intimating these pants may seem at first. It’s perhaps the “trash bag” or “wet look” that may seem intimidating. However, as you can see these are not intimating at all. In fact, plenty of other bloggers have featured these pants featured in different ways.  These pants were purchased at Target from the Who What Wear brand. I believe, I paid no more than $10.00 for these.

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The Vinyl Pants

The long weekend is over and its back to work. I have to admit, I was in bed 75% of the time. I rarely take the opportunity to nap and sleep in and that’s exactly what I did. I did all of my “black Friday” online shopping Saturday and ate leftovers on the couch. I didn’t get much done as I had hoped but I still get some things done. It’s Monday so back to the grind it is.

Outfit Details

These PVC pants have been everywhere this season! When I purchased them, I thought I might be one of the handful of people to wear them but I have been proven wrong. It is actually the perfect season to wear them because there is now way you are going to wear these come summer time. This is my third time wearing them and I figured I mixed a little bit of faux-fur ( this top is fur but it was thrifted).  I wanted a very feminine look with this outfit so this top was perfect for the occasion. In order to keep the look feminine and so “fetch” I wore these sheer bow kitten heels and a PVC clutch.

P.S. I had the hardest time finding a top similar to this one.

Top: Willi Smith: $4.00 / Shoes: J.Reené: $1.97 // Clutch: Kate Spade: $1.99 // Thrifted Total: $7.96



Willi Smith Faux Fur Collar Knitwear, similar here


Who What Wear Paperbag Trousers, similar here



Kate Spade Clutch, similar here






J.Reené Bow Top Kitten Heels, similar here and here

Patent Paperbag Trousers

Right off the hanger these pants might get an “ewww” sound or “what in the…” comment followed by the, “who’s going to buy that?” statement. Me, this girl right here. I avoid Target like the plague because I can’t go in there for just one thing. I usually end up leaving with six different items that I did not intend on buying, knew that I needed and/or wanted, while of course, forgetting to buy what I actually walked in there for. On that usual Target trip, this happened. I was supposed to be buying only a moisturizer and I walked out with these pants. While I hurriedly sifted through the sale rack, I came across these pants, I quickly inspected them, threw them in my cart and purchased them (without trying them on).

Outfit Details

Once I got home, I tried them on and they fit like a glove. I was lucky enough to buy them at $10.99 in store but they are actually, $32.99 online (why?). So if you are interested in purchasing these, just stop by your local Target to see how much they have them for there. I will admit that these can be a bit intimidating because ALL eyes will be on you but once you have them, all those fears will go away. I wanted a simple chic outfit so I paired the pants with a silk ribbed tank top and for a little bit add more edginess ( or bad-assery) a pair of spiked Steve Madden heels.

Tank Top: Ann Taylor, purchased at Goodwill: $4.00 /  Pants: Who What Wear / Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden / Thrifted total: $4.00




Urban Outfitters Round Sunglasses, similarhere




Who What Wear Black Tapered Leg Patent Paperbag Trouser, available here



Ann Taylor Silk Ribbed Tank Top, similar here



Steven by Steve Madden Rivet Spike Heels, similar here